Get me Yellow : How to make Mother happy even though you are not yet established

Get me Yellow : How to make Mother happy even though you are not yet established

Get me Yellow : How to make Mother happy even though you are not yet established
Get me Yellow : How to make Mother happy even though you are not yet established

For those of you who read this article, on average, you enter into adulthood and are looking for identity, there are so many obstacles in our age now. Starting from work that can only be used for living alone and still confused to find the direction and purpose in life. With such a taste you see the age of your mother getting older but you still can not give him anything. Do you fail that to make your mother happy?
Take it easy in article ii will help make your mother happy even though you have not been fully successful. Because basically happy mothers do not need to wait for success.

1. Frequently share stories with mothers, so that mothers understand your development
Maybe you are rarely at home, time is spent outside the house from morning we have to work, come home late at night already tired and then we sleep. When on vacation we prefer to spend time with friends. But do not make an excuse to establish good communication with your mother. Take time to exchange stories with him. Always let him know about the latest things in your life. Because the development of you has made him happy and he will take the puppies so that he can succeed as soon as possible.

2. Be a good listener so your mother doesn’t feel alone
In addition to sharing stories with mother, be a good listener when your mother tells. This method is effective to make your mother not alone and share the burden of sorrow and sorrow to you. So it’s not too hard to think about yourself.

3. Often take the time to go home and accompany the mother’s activities
The more age of your mother, of course she wants to be accompanied by her child. Therefore you often stop by to meet because by meeting only when you are happy with a child who grew up with affection to go home fatherly to visit him.

4. Pay attention to your mother’s condition
If your mother used to take care of you then now vice versa. You’re the one who has to pay attention to your mother’s condition and try your best to meet her needs. For example, when he did not have shoes that are comfortable to wear. You can leave a little of your salary to buy shoes for mom. Although small, but this gift will be very memorable for him.

5. Already independent with your own life
Even though your life has not been successful and completely passive, and you are still looking for a way of your life by trying anything and still changing jobs frequently. It doesn’t matter because it is a process of maturity. However, try to always be independent and not bother the mother. This nature of your mandate will make you proud and happy at the same time.

6. When returning home, minimize it to bother your mother
When returning home, maximize the time when meeting and quality with your mother. You can go home without preaching it because you don’t have to bother preparing food or cleaning your room. Lighten homework when you come home.

7. Give gifts
The next thing you can give a gift or souvenir eyes. Even though you are just right, at least your parents do not understand that you are in a bad condition because that will only make him think more. Stay independent and you can buy food or kayak food that can be placed in the living room. In order to be more interesting you can order paintings using the simpsonize model. Namely the painting with the character of The Simpsons. With this, it adds to the uniqueness of the painting. It is placed in the guest room. As well as making your mother happy, you can see the chaos of characters that describe her child with her.

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