Make Me Yellow : 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Simple yet Memorable Boyfriend.

Make Me Yellow : 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Simple yet Memorable Boyfriend.

Make Me Yellow : 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Simple yet Memorable Boyfriend.
Make Me Yellow : 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Simple yet Memorable Boyfriend.

For some people birthdays are important events in their lives. Not only hoping for words and prayers, sometimes gifts are also waiting for his presence what else from a dear person. The birthday moment is the same effect for 2 people, between a birthday with a birthday lover. So that the gift that you impress, you can see examples of gifts for your lover.

  1. Video of birthday greeting.

In the era of all-digital as now giving kadi in the form of video is very easy to do. You can make it yourself using a smartphone or PC application that you have at home. Now for the contents of the video can be a greeting from you or sayings from the closest people who are around your girlfriend. Give a beautiful hope to your lover. And don’t forget to upload it on your social media so that your beloved believes that he is everything.

  1. Dolls

For this gift, especially for your female lover. Almost all women wear with dolls. For this type of doll itself there are many kinds of dolls whose models are cute and unique. Like cartoon characters who often decorate the screen like simpson, flinkstone, stich, bear and others. Besides being cute and decorating the doll room that you love, you also accompany him to sleep at night.

  1. Couple Watches

This watch is perfect for a birthday present for someone you care about. In order to better understand and mengahrgai with the name but time. In addition, a nice and unique watch will be used frequently that makes you feel closer to the lover.

  1. Birthday Cake

Yups cake is synonymous with birthday party statement. It would be a different story if the one who made the cake was a lover. Even though the shape and taste is not as beautiful and as good as the cake in the bakery. But it will be different if it makes a lover, and surely your boyfriend really appreciates it. And affirm that your homemade cake is delicious hehehe.

  1. Small Flower Plants

Instead of giving your girlfriend an expensive bouquet of roses, you can give her a small, living plant. Tell him that this plant is a symbol of your love that must always be kept alive.

If your girlfriend is really sincere to you, it should not be difficult to look after the small plant for her and your gift will be cared for with all her heart.

  1. A Box of Your Love Trip Photos

Then you can give suprize, with a city that contains photos of you two from the two of you close, until it becomes a lover who survives until now, don’t forget to give sweet words and of course touch her heart. He who opens will surely be moved by your efforts that try to compose photographs in such a way, surely he will remember the sense of race that was once shared.

  1. Caricature

For those of you who are confused by the photos of you two who just like that, you can change the model of your photo into a caricature, besides that the caricature is suitable for studying your lover’s birthday present. In addition to photos and different images, caricature drawings have their own impression. As an example of a caricature with the simpsonize model, the simpsonize model is a photo that is drawn similar to the simpson cartoon. For those of you who are still intrigued and confused as to what form the finished photo can visit the website and if you are interested can register the form on the website or order via email

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