Make Me Yellow : Character antagonis in the series The Simpsons

Make Me Yellow : Character antagonis in the series The Simpsons

Make Me Yellow : Character antagonis in the series The Simpsons
Make Me Yellow : Character antagonis in the series The Simpsons

It doesn’t feel, the simpsons series that we like has touched at the age of 30 years. Comedy and enigmatic animated series teaki always present with fresh bayoons that provoke laughter for the audience. The Simpsons family’s behavior is always interesting to watch. Filled with characters with a strong identity, the dynamics in the city of Springfield also provide entertainment-laden spectacle.

Apart from the simpson character that is so revered by fans, there are some antagonistic characters who take our hearts as spectators because of the extraordinary crime. Who do they think they are?

  1. Hank Scorpio

Carried like a criminal in the flim of a secret agent, Hank Scorpio appeared mesmerized because of his intelligence and intelligence who understood the current situation. Hank Scorpio is the boss of the main character, namely Homer. Homer did not suspect that his boss was a member of terrorist leaders who spread fear in America, this antagonist was very concerned about his men in Crypress Creek, the home town of Hank’s multinational corporation.

Hank once said with homer that he missed his hometown in Springfield, his hometown. Hank was forced to let go of Homer and give the Fenver Broncos team to Homer.


  1. Sildeshow Bob

Bob is the next antogonist character who is most often seen in the Th Simpsons cartoon series. Begins his career as a companion to Krusty’s clown on a comedy tv show. Bob mutus out. That’s because they don’t like it because of the torture of the clown.

In revenge, this character is a genius and wants to make plans to trap his former boss. His evil plan was prepared carefully but the plan was canceled because Bart came and undo the intention to carry out his mission, with the failure of Bob to be a tough rival of Bart Simpson. But bob is a successful antagonist and always missed by his appearance.


  1. Jesicca Lovejoy

The daughter of Father Lovejoy was raised in a religious family. He is sweet, calm and pleasant. Being an idol at her school, Jessica’s charm made Bart have a crush. She becomes Bart’s first girlfriend. But behind all that, Jessica kept another secret. Yep, he is a rebel child, likes to do chaos, even exceeding the mischief of Bart Simpson. He often uses his charming beauty to get what he wants: mischief.

  1. Fat Tony

Furthermore, the famous antagonist character is Fat Tony as the mob boss in the city of Springfield. Have a myriad of illegal businesses, like gambling and smuggling buying and selling fake identities. For the sake of launching the action, Fat Tony bribed Major Quimb, the governor in power in the city of Springfield. Unfortunately Fat Tony only reached episode 35 because he died of a heart attack. And his illegal business was continued by his cousin Fit Tony.

  1. Mr. Burns

This character is one of the main antagonistic characters in the history of The Simpsons. As Homer’s boss at the Spreingfiel Nuclear Power Plant. Mr. Burns is the most crazy person with wealth and power. For the sake of adding assets, he is not reluctant to do illegal acts such as selling uranium to terrorists.

Often arbitrarily applies to subordinates, Mr. Burns was often the source of Homer’s suffering. Manipulation expert, Mr. Burns did not hesitate to make others miserable for personal ambition. However, beyond his madness, Mr. Burns has a soft side. He really cares about his personal assistant, Waylon Smithers. In addition, he is willing to give Bobo, his favorite teddy bear to Maggie Simpson.


Yes some of the antagonistic characters in the story many who hate to be carried into the real world. But the antagonist character is needed in a story wherever it is because the antagonist character makes the story more alive and has more meaning.


Those are some examples of antaogonic characters in the Simpsons series. For you lovers of The Simpsons series and want to make your face similar to the Simpson character and have a background similar to The Simpson cartoon series you can visit the website or can order through email

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