Make Me Yellow : Effective tips for you and your best friends

Make Me Yellow : Effective tips for you and your best friends

Make Me Yellow : Effective tips for you and your best friends
Make Me Yellow : Effective tips for you and your best friends

Having friends is the greatest happiness in life because friends are the people who best understand our situation. Because after all friends are places where we are difficult or happy. Friends are the right people to share stories and do silly actions together. Especially if your friendship has been going on for a long time, there must be feelings of sadness and loss when you are having a big fight. Something is missing when you fight and you don’t want all this to continue. Try the tips below, can help so that the quarrel subsided and made peace as usual.

1. The first thing you do will be to admit wrong when you are wrong and apologize
Apologizing is not something that embraces guys, forgiving is portraying you as having a big heart and dare to admit mistakes and apologize. Even though you are innocent when you apologize, you value friendship over emotions that are of no use.

2. If he doesn’t want to talk to you, try leaving your best friend for a while, whether it’s a few hours or days until he calms down.
Everyone has different emotions, some are easy to forgive and there are also people who are difficult to forgive. For that you can give your own time for your friend so he is calmer and can be invited to discussion again.

3. Send your apologies through social media
Already grown up, you can already think together clearly, lest you have grown up, it is not necessary to behave in children who block each other’s social media accounts. You who have grown up can start chata the him. What friend do you not want to reply can you upload photos kemesran both of you in social and mild apologies. Surely he will feel the same loss and want to forgive you soon.

4. Come to his house
Before going to his house, you have to make a plan for what your best friend to forgive and forgive you, before you can contact the house first, like his brother or mother. This is to condition whether he is at home or not. So when you come he is at home and at the right time.

5. Bring her favorite food
Try to cook the food you like and send it to his house. Also say that you cooked for him yourself. Your friend will definitely be touched that you are willing to cook for him. Especially if your best friend knows that you can’t cook. A powerful move!

6. Take your best friend’s gokil photo
When you are fighting you and your best friend will definitely feel awkward and feel really bad. Invite him to take a photo of geeks with the plain print of the photo so that it will break the ice. After you print you can, after you print you can illustrate again with a model that is not less ignorant. There is a simpsonize model that is not out of control. The simpsonize model changes your face into a cartoon like The Simpson that doesn’t work with your photo style hehe. If you are curious about the results you can visit the website or you can order if interested in email

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