Make Me Yellow : How to overcome so that the boyfriend is not angry

Make Me Yellow : How to overcome so that the boyfriend is not angry

Make Me Yellow : How to overcome so that the boyfriend is not angry
Make Me Yellow : How to overcome so that the boyfriend is not angry

Arguments can weaken or strengthen relationships, all couples must go through something like this because of differences in individual relationships. It all depends on how you treat each other when fighting. The impact of a fight is no joke, especially if your boyfriend is really angry with you. How to make a girlfriend no longer angry with you.
How to make a girlfriend angry is not difficult, you do not need to apologize too much or overwhelm a gift so that he melts back. It is an immature act in relationship. All you need to do is be mature and sensitive towards your relationship. Starting from holding back emotions and expressing apology without having to overdo it. Because in this way anger from the lover is easier to control than the two of you meet and no one succumbs to one. And there are other ways like the ones below.

1. Invite boyfriend to make up as soon as possible
When fighting, surely you will be tempted to take revenge on your lawyer just like opening a mistake he made or just quietly apologizing from him because he made a mistake. Surely you already know the impact by you doing that, by acting like that does not solve the problem but makes the atmosphere more turbid and does not bring happiness. One way to make a boyfriend no longer angry is to get him to talk first, ask him what you can do to improve the situation, and don’t use harsh words and control your emotions when arguing with your loved one.

2. Think about what your girlfriend has done to make you happy
Remembering happy things really helps your body relax and relieve stress and eliminate the mind to leave your girlfriend. So when you fight with your boyfriend don’t think about anything but you try to remember the sweet moments with him. With that the mind to fight will be reduced. You and your girlfriend finally make peace and establish love as usual.

3. Be positive. You will not be able to give a positive influence on your boyfriend when you still have negative feelings
If you really want to make up, don’t fight with your negative attitude. Make sure all the words you say out loud are words that make him strong, not derogatory words that make him even more angry. Get rid of aggressive attitudes, emotions that easily arise when we fight.

4. Listen to the girlfriend’s words
You demand that Gar can understand you, but have you noticed what your girlfriend wants. Ask your boyfriend’s opinion about your problem, surely some of his opinions can provide a new perspective that you have never thought of, with a two-way relationship will make your relationship more colorful.

5. Hug
The last way is a hug with the boyfriend. In this way you and Pacara will wear off all your ego and emotions so far. And the thought of leaving is lost, with the wounders of your harmony with your partner more intertwined and make forgiving each other’s actions that make the atmosphere worse. With conditions that are already peaceful you can give a little gift for your apologies. You can give a doll, a tool that is usually used by the lover or an illustration photo of the two of you. To be more different from other illustrations, we can try with the illustrative model such as simpsonize mode. The simpsonize model is an illustration that portrays your faces into a cartoon in The Simspsons cartoon. If you are interested, you can visit the website to browse the results of illustrations with the simpsonize model and you can order through the form provided or you can order via email

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