Make Me Yellow: The Right Gift For Graduations

Make Me Yellow: The Right Gift For Graduations

Make Me Yellow: The Right Gift For Graduations
Make Me Yellow: The Right Gift For Graduations

Graduation is one phase of life that is passed after finishing college. This should be appreciated by greeting and giving gifts. Because, those who are in graduation will soon be treading the next phase of life. With your arrival at a graduation party your friend will definitely make him happy because there is a sense of caring about your arrival and want to say congratulations and pray for the despised speech immediately and hope for hope when he has graduated.
For those of you who want to give him a present, what gifts are appropriate to give when your friend graduates, let’s look at what gifts are appropriate and interesting to give.

1. Cake Graduation
Cake does not have to be present at the moment of birthday, happy momemne like graduation, promotion also needs its presence. You can even order cakes in the form of graduation themes. This will definitely make your friend happy with the suprise cake you give.

2. Unique placards
When running the graduation procession, the graduates will get a plaque as a sign of their graduation from the university. But the bound placard is not unique because it is as ordinary and stiff as other placards. Now, you can fix the graduation plaque with the name photo motif, even there is an LED lamp that makes the plaque alive at night. Of course the placard is private because it is different from the others.

3. Video
Video can be a memorable and special greeting, you can make it a greeting and give a cut of the moments you’ve been through together. In addition, you can tuck words of motivation and hope when he has graduated, you can invite his childhood friends to give congratulations on his graduation. That is an unforgettable moment for him. Don’t forget to share it on your social media accounts.

4. Caricature
The painting of a friend who is graduating but will always be funny, but this painting does not have to have paper. You can make it in other media which of course will add to the uniqueness. For the caricature model itself there are still trending there is a simpsonize model that makes your friend’s face as if it resembles the character of The Simpsons. So add a unique and different impression from other gifts. For those of you who are interested, you can check on the website, you will see examples of simpsonize models, if you are interested, you can fill out the form on the website or via email

5. Graduation from Clay Clay Statue
Similar to placards, this clay patng can also be a gift for your graduating friend. Besides being able to be saved, this gift also feels personal because you can add things that describe graduation. The statue of Clya is great for you to give to your friends

6. Stuffed Buckets
If the flower bucket withers quickly, there is another way. You can use a small doll stuffed into a bucket that will add to the cuteness and uniqueness of the bucket you bring. For the doll itself, you can understand what the karatker doll is like, so when you buy it, your friend will definitely be happy to accept it and it will certainly be memorable for him.

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