Simpsonize : 5 Creative Ways to Keep Memories To Last Forever

Simpsonize : 5 Creative Ways to Keep Memories To Last Forever


Life is inseparable from a variety of experiences, ranging from pleasant experiences or unpleasant experiences. Of course we as humans with limited memory, we don’t want to forget beautiful memories just like that. There are several ways for friends to package these lasting and unique memories.

Simpsonize : 5 Creative Ways to Keep Memories To Last Forever
Simpsonize : 5 Creative Ways to Keep Memories To Last Forever
  1. Write in a book or journal

The first way you can do to preserve and relive beautiful memories is to rewrite them in a journal or diary, so you often open and write your experiences in a journal. For the first design or give an interesting photo in your journal so when you hold it will be brought to open and write your experiences in the day. Until one day you will read it again and you will smile broadly with what you wrote at that time 

  1. Capture memories in the form of images which are then printed into books

Print photobooks to be the next solution for storing memories. To reduce the risk of loss of data or corrupt in the gallery of friends. In addition to backing up there are other events that can be used that is by printing. Photo printing is a media that everyone or family can see without looking at the photo gallery on our cell phone hehe. To make it more interesting, friends here can arrange them by separating the images from the places visited or by interesting color themes to be seen. After that, friends can arrange it as attractive and beautiful as possible hehehe.

  1. Capture in video form.

Spend time with your family or friends that you love by making a short video that can discuss fun things, for example ask them to talk about their wonderful experiences, favorite items or can just ask things they like when still children. You could even ask something they like but have never revealed before. Don’t forget to involve yourself in the process of making the video.

So that later on you and the others can open the video again when you are gathered so it makes the atmosphere become warmer.

  1. Have a memory box.

The fourth creative way you can capture memories is to create a memory box to store all valuables such as diaries or journals, flash drives, tapes, greeting cards or gifts from loved ones in the box. Don’t forget to make the keys and decorate the box as attractive as possible so that someday at leisure we can see the memories stored in it.

  1. Create a caricature

The fifth way to make memories more interesting is to make a caricature according to the habits or daily life of friends or family that we will capture. There are many themes in the caricature, but there are caricatures that often depict daily activities starting from life in the work environment and in the family. One of the caricature themes that you can try is simpsonize. Yeah! This caricature makes ordinary people’s appearance become yellow simpson characters. Another plus is that you can combine relatives or friends that are located far apart but can be made in one frame that makes us feel closer and warmer.

For friends who want to capture their memories with friends or family by making a caricature with the simpson theme can visit our website or can order via email

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