Simpsonize : Appropriate gifts can be made for exemplary employees

Simpsonize : Appropriate gifts can be made for exemplary employees

Simpsonize : Appropriate gifts can be made for exemplary employees
Simpsonize : Appropriate gifts can be made for exemplary employees

Giving gifts or appreciation to employees is an important practice for leaders to apply. If your fellow reader is a leader, try to remember the last time you gave a gift to your employee a month ago. Six months, or a year ago.
That is why it is very important to take the time to praise employees for the work they do well. Besides giving gifts to employees does not come out a lot of money but we can get benefits because the employees will compete to be the best. Now indirectly, the company’s production will be smoother. There are several ways to reward employees in your company.

1. Making “CEO one day”
Well once you can give him the chance to become CEO for one day so he can feel the life of the CEO like, It will be unique because he will feel employee brefing in the morning, or a speech at work. That way he will appreciate the higher-ups because they feel what kind of difficulty superiors.

2. Lunch with the Chairman of the Company
Invite our employees to lunch, and let them determine the restaurant they want. As much as possible, you and the employee do not talk about the slightest work. We can exchange work topics with topics around hobbies, interests and talents owned by employees. Make lunch sessions very interesting.

3. Play the auction
Other ideas that you can give to your fellow employees can invite them to gather, then you can collect items that will be used as a gift or auction with employees. And you can give as little money as possible and invite them to play the auction. That way they think will be fresh and happy because they get the desired gift and get money from the boss of course.

4. Volunteer Project
Try inviting employees to carry out volunteer projects in certain communities and let them choose the community they want. This activity is a form of appreciation for our employees and in addition it will be very beneficial for employees.

5. Give recognition
Propose us to praise or give recognition to outstanding employees in front of their coworkers. So that other employees can imitate what the employee is doing and there will be more employees who excel later.

6. Work Permit from Home
Make one day the best employees get one special day to work remotely. Without the need to bother coming to the office. That way employees will enjoy working and are more creative in doing their jobs.

7. Award Trophy
To differentiate exemplary employees from others, we can give awards trophies such as giving them placards, trophies, embroidered exemplary employees or caricatures of him with the employees’ role models.
The caricature you can give the simspsonize model is that your employee model is depicted with the cartoon The Simpsons without changing the employee’s face. And do not try to give the best employee writing and aphorisms. You do not need to be confused looking for service providers who can make it. You can visit the website there are many ready-made examples. You can visit Instagram @yellowsimpsonize as a catalog. If you are interested and want to order you can fill out the form on the website or you can email

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