Simpsonize : First Date Tips With Him

Simpsonize : First Date Tips With Him


Simpsonize : First Date Tips With Him
Simpsonize : First Date Tips With Him

The first date is a moment full of dilemmas. You feel extraordinary happiness because you managed to invite him out, but on the other side there is a sense of fear and a sense of confusion in the chest because as long as you travel to pick him up you think about what will be done when meeting him. And confused about what to do to talk anything when dating him.
Yups however the first date, is very influential for subsequent dates. The following are tips that will help you present yourself as a great potential life partner.

1. Take time
Hi you who are already happy because he already wants you to date together, but remember not to carry too much in the happy space. Before you leave, you might feel anxious, nervous, feeling or a combination of the three. To help you calm down, do activities that usually relax you. Read books, watch movies, or listen to music. In addition, these things help divert you from excessive anxiety.

2. Prepare short and simple questions
I’m confused about what are you chatting on a date? try to think of a list of simple questions by asking the series that he likes, because when you like someone you will deliberately stalking him, he likes anything anyway. or you can ask questions about hobbies, art or flim even you can tell interesting things in the near future. Oh yes, you should not be too active when asking for something as much as possible. You are active and listen more often because all women like what is said when observed.

3. Wear comfortable clothes and (according to style) you
The next tip is that you use clothes that make you comfortable, using comfortable clothes you will enjoy in dating so you will not be uncomfortable even if you are more confident when meeting him.

4. Come on time
Try to arrive early, not even earlier than the appointment time you meet him. Because he will be very bad mood if you arrive late and it can ruin your next plan. That way he will see you as someone who appreciates the time guys.

5. Communicate Openly and Honestly
The purpose of the first date is certainly to get to know each other. So try to be open and honest when chatting with him. Pretending to only cause problems in the future, don’t start a relationship with dishonesty. Take advantage of this moment to show who you really are.

6. Give a gift
You can give small gifts as souvenirs. You can give it an illustration by using sidoi. To make it even more interesting you can make a picture of your daughter as a character like The Simspons, curious about how you can visit the website or you can visit instagram at @yellowsimpsonize if you are interested can fill in the form on the website or can order via email

7. Call back after dating
Enjoying a fun time during a date? admit it. Don’t just wait and wait for him to contact you. Tonight after the date it would not hurt you to send short messages like “I’m having a good time! Thank you for spending the night with me. “

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