Simpsonize : Gifts for Idols During Fan Meetings.

Simpsonize : Gifts for Idols During Fan Meetings.

Simpsonize : Gifts for Idols During Fan Meetings.
Simpsonize : Gifts for Idols During Fan Meetings.

Hi, you in pasting life have a role model of an idol’s life. Definitely one day I want to meet for sure, whether it’s just face to face or just say Hay. More than enough, and increasingly empathize with your idol for sure. There is an event that is usually held for idols to meet with their fans. Now the event is often called a fan meeting.

Fan meetings are awaited moment for anyone who wants to meet his idol. In this event usually meet with idols either exchanging greetings or exchanging gifts. So what are some interesting gifts for your idol at a fan meeting. Check out the article below.



1. Doll

Usually the fans bring dolls, whatever dolls are brought in various forms. Some are identical in shape to their idol characters, for example Jungkook BTS is not uncommon to get rabbit-shaped dolls because its fans characterize Jungkook as rabbits because fans characterize it like Cute Bunny, ahh gemass. Not infrequently the fans also brought a large-sized doll because it could be hugged and close to his idol.

DIY gift

DIY gift is a way for fans to captivate the hearts of their idols, fans make their own works and are sent to their idols. Kinds of shapes, some make knit jackets and given the name of the maker, or you can make them shirts with authentic batik motifs to wear. Whatever you make and give to the idol is cultivated, you already know that your idol often likes what things.

2. Snack

This is also one of the items that fans often give to their idols. They bring snacks in the form of buckets or made as attractive as possible. Make sure the snacks you make are your favorite idol snacks. So surely the snacks you give will definitely be eaten by your idol. Oh yeah for those of you who are lucky, your idol will definitely open your snack and feed you woooow a rare experience isn’t it.

3. Books and Music Albums

Not infrequently, fans bring books or music albums that are in the midst of their idols. Before giving a gift, you research what books are on the market, or what style of music your idols often listen to. So when you give it, it must be very useful and a favorite gift from fans. Because your books and music albums are often read or listened to at rest or at their leisure.

4. Flower Buckets

The next gift that you can bring and give to your idol is a flower bucket. Yups buckrt flowers are gifts that are often given to idols, because flowers are a symbol of love and closeness, so not a few fans expressed their love for idols through flowers.

5. Caricature.

Furthermore, there are gifts that you can give caricatures, caricature yups are the next gift that is suitable for your idol. You here can gather ykamu friends who idolize someone in common. You might collect a fanbase and make one frame. Now there is a caricature whose model is trending nowadays. The Simpsonize model is a caricature that makes faces similar to the characters in the cartoon series The Simpsons. So if you and your fan base are interested, you can draw a frame with your idol. For background problems, you can customize it. If you are interested, you can visit the website or order via email Surely you can upload images made on yellowsimpsonize on Instagram and your social media. Don’t forget to tag your idol and yellowsimpsonize. So you can more easily notice with your idol.

Those are all examples of gifts you can give if you are interested and can visit our site

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