Simpsonize : How to Design a Cute and Cheerful Children’s Bedroom Interior

Simpsonize : How to Design a Cute and Cheerful Children’s Bedroom Interior


Simpsonize : How to Design a Cute and Cheerful Children's Bedroom Interior
Simpsonize : How to Design a Cute and Cheerful Children’s Bedroom Interior

Bedroom interior design as the most familiar area with children is not trivial. The complexity of needs and dreams makes the room design process a little longer and more detailed. For children, the bedroom is their world. At the end of their sleep they can rest studying, relaxing and even daydreaming about their future goals like what. Therefore the bedroom is designed as attractive and creative as possible. And adjusted to the desires and needs of their merchandise and ideals.

1. Bedroom interior design in accordance with the ideals of the child
For the first pint, support your child’s ideals through the interior designs of his room. For example, your child wants to aspire as a sailor, then make a room of blue dominance and buy or make ornaments that smell with sailors. Like a buoy-shaped pillow or a wall clock that is like steering when or even you can design a sleeping mattress as if it were a sailor ship. That way the child will be more happy and will perform fatherly to achieve his dream of becoming a sailor.

2. Design a house in the bedroom
The interior design of the bedroom is in the shape of a house as if creating its own world for children. Wallpapaer illustrated by the clouds makes the clouds above the house as a symbol of high hopes and ideals, giving him a sense of security, comfort and freedom to be responsible for his own ‘home’.
Wallpaper patterned clouds or water drops. It may be difficult not to be favorited again for children aged 10 years and over.

3. Bedroom interior designs for girls
For girls, there are other things to consider in bedroom interior design The nature of girls is often softer, neater and orderly. As well as more quickly become an adult consideration. Brighter colors like pink, pastel, white and add puppets to help your child be more feminine.

4. Small room design
Bedroom design that is not too big, you can put minimalist objects so that limited space is not met by objects. So to decorate the room you can put posters like a classic car or a band that is being loved by the child. Now this room is suitable for children who have become adults. Now for this is usually left to an adult child and frees him to be creative you just give advice to tidy up the parts so that it is pleasing to the eye.

5. Cartoon design
The next design you can use the concept of designing by depicting rooms as if they were in the scope of a cartoon. With that will add a happy and creative attitude. Various kinds of characters that can be used to decorate the room. Like Doraemon, Shincan, or the Simpson. Now what if you want to decorate your room with the Simpson cartoon, but it’s different and unique. You can decorate your room using your face but with a different model like the Simpson character without losing your identity of course. Wow, it’s interesting that you can’t decorate a room, but with your face. For those of you who are still curious about what happens, you can visit the website or you can visit Instagram @yellowsimpsonize. Now for those of you who want an order you can fill in the form that is already available from the website or you can order it via email

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