Simpsonize :┬áLet’s Decorate Our Office Desks To Be Free of Saturation and More Enthusiasm

Simpsonize : Let’s Decorate Our Office Desks To Be Free of Saturation and More Enthusiasm

Workbench is one of the spots that you meet every day. Almost all your activities carried out there all day. It is not impossible that you will become bored with the atmosphere, especially if you have a pile of work waiting. Even though the comfortable and pleasant atmosphere of the work affects the productivity, you know. To get an atmosphere like that, you can start by decorating work in a monotonous way. Yuks, Check the following methods:

1. Add Tassel Ornaments Arranged to put Behind The Computer.
Tassel decoration makes your office desk more crowded and more workspace more lively and makes the work desk not monotonous. Oh yes you can give frills with different colors but still in harmony.

2. Add a Calendar with an Attractive Design
Add a calendar on your work table besides you can understand what date it is, and besides you can create a work time table, it will make you work more organized. In addition, you can design calendars by attaching your family photos, or pictures of your loved ones or work colleagues who help you in your work.

3. Display colorful and art drawings behind the computer. You can download it for free on the internet.
You can download the images on the internet then you can save and print and don’t forget to frame it to make it look neat. And you can give motivational words at work. So that you are more enthusiastic and happy working through work.

4. Putting Small Plants
Furthermore, what you can do in decorating your desk is you can place small model plants that can be placed on the corner of the office desk. Besides that you make your desk beautiful. Plants can also reduce your stress at work. Although small plants can add coolness to your office desk.

5. Add a Table Lamp.
The next item you can put is a table lamp, a table lamp that you have can put it in the corner of the table, and make the office desk warm and make the atmosphere more calm and warm of course. It will make your work finished faster but you will be more relaxed and enjoy doing it.

6. Coffee Cup
The next item that you can use to decorate the table is the coffee cup, your coffee glass can be the next ingredient that can beautify your desk. Besides that you can make coffee cups every morning that make your work more productive and enjoy more in the work.

7. Display Caricatures
Furthermore, items that you can use to decorate your work desk are, you can display caricatures of your own face and family or your office friends. Well you must be confused here what kind of picture will be discussed in the caricature. The most simple simpsonize model now so that your face is depicted with models such as The Simspsons card without losing your identity. No need to worry you can go directly to the website or you can visit instgarma to see examples of ready-made email. You can visit Instagram @yellowsimpsonize. If you want to order caricatures with the simpsonize model via email

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