Simpsonize : Photo booth inspiration for your wedding

Simpsonize : Photo booth inspiration for your wedding

Simpsonize : Photo booth inspiration for your wedding
Simpsonize : Photo booth inspiration for your wedding

There are many things that must be prepared in the moment of marriage. Not only wedding dresses. But there are other things such as building, catering, decoration, wedding invitation and others. One thing that is becoming a trend of children now is to provide a photo booth or a place for drawing photos. This is now needed because in the digital era people are racing to update their activities to their respective social media
Photo booths are often placed in front of the entrance, so invited guests before entering the wedding can take pictures together with close relatives of the bride and groom. What are the concept of a nice and unique photo booth? Please article below.

1. Vintage photo booth theme
The first boot phoot is the vintage photo theme, which has an old nuance but is still intagrameble. By arranging wooden chairs covered with straw this is very unique and you can add a flashlight, a used wooden table and the presence of wedding elements from the bride will make an elegant but attractive impression.

2. Photo nuanced floral wall
Floral wall is decorated with four colors that come out from special materials so it is not easily damaged and dislodged. By arranging the flowers in such a way as to make it arranged and at the bottom there is a carpet and a sprinkling of flowers bring a romantic impression.

3. Tropical 3D Photo Booth
Tropical leafy plants are becoming a trend at the moment because of its shape which brings coolness and calm air suitable to be used as the next photo booth. Before you can prepare ferns, antlers, deer dollars, and so forth. You can combine it with other green leafy plants.

4. Photo booth using a blackboard
Then you can use the blackboard as a photo media. The strength of the board is that you can write your name and your partner. Besides being attractive, this can also save a budget.

5. Photo booth with polaroid style frames
This simple polaroid-style photo booth is also Instgramable. You can add your name or words of prayer for your marriage. This boot photo placement can also be placed in front of a large bepot plant so that it can conjure up a photo image.

6. Simple photo booth using used plywood
You can make your boot photos as creative as possible. It can even take advantage of the used plywood at home with a little capital needed to be a very instagramable object for the invited guests’ photos. Like coloring old plywood and adding wedding ornaments

7. Photo with cartoon concept
The next photo concept you can pity the concept of cartoons. Cartoons favored by brides and cartoons on display can be enjoyed by all ages. Cartoons that are suitable and still trend are The Simpsons cartoons. For those of you who are still confused, you can visit the website because there are many examples. For you who want to be described as an example on the website you can order through the form on the website or order via email Your picture illustrated as The Simpsons character will make a photo booth different from the others. For you still want to see other examples, please visit instagram @yellowsimpsonize

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