Simpsonize : The most romantic work in the eyes of a partner.

Simpsonize : The most romantic work in the eyes of a partner.

Simpsonize : The most romantic work in the eyes of a partner.

Simpsonize : The most romantic work in the eyes of a partner.
Simpsonize : The most romantic work in the eyes of a partner.

Hi you who as a husband, mind you will fight and try hard for your family right? By the way work, there are some unique work that is considered romantic in the eyes of our wife or partner. Cool is not just working to make a living we do not lose our romance to the couple. Now for those of you who do not have psanagan or work, you can siamk the article below.

  1. Musician

The first position is a musician, who is a woman whose heart does not melt when we sing and play the guitar. With songs not just creating your own, you can make a pair, imagine that if you as a musician you can make a good song and hit it with your heart. Besides ordering you might make a few other people feel the case. If you get all two rides, you get the pleasure of your wife and you get the results from making songs that are loved by others.

  1. Literature and Writers

Furthermore, there are writers, why writers enter into the next line. Because writers can make words or figures that describe beautiful and graceful you are then arranged into a single entity that makes it a beautiful and unique literary work. Many of the newspapers or social media as a place of literary literature has become. In the end many like it because, many words and figures that have a deep meaning. For writers, you can write a beautiful love story that can be addressed to you.

  1. Carver

The next position is the sculpture carver, the statue enters into the romantic workshop in the eyes of the couple. Because sealin made sculptures ordered people come. A sculptor can make a statue of a woman who is elegantly carved and beautiful. To add a romantic side, after the statue is placed in the room that often occurs conversations between you and your partner. Can be placed alongside the pool, when you spend time with your partner by drinking warm and talking you can see your work that is intended for your partner.

  1. Painter.

The work of a painter is not easy and must have a high artistic spirit, painters of various kinds, ranging from abstract painters, landscapes or so forth. Surely when he falls in love he will paint something he loves as the object of his painting. Sometimes the paintings we see are not neat, but instead the values ​​conveyed by the painter in his paintings. In addition to romantic painter also mysterious huh hehehe.

  1. Illustrator.

Henceforth there are illustrators, illustrators like painters, the thing that distinguishes painters and illustrators is the object. If the painter’s object is broad and can be from various fields while illustrators usually draw with the object of people. Now this person’s object can be further divided into realistic, cartoonish, and caricature. Can you imagine if you have an illustrator partner, he will describe you in several models but without losing your identity. Speaking of which, in the illustrator world there are cartoon models that are trending. The model is the simpsonize model, the simpsonize model is to make an object that is similar to the simpson character. starting from the yellow color, the shape of the face and even hair made similar as if the same as the cartoon Simpson. For those of you who don’t have a partner, don’t worry if you want to draw the Simpson model. You can directly contact or directly visit the website


This is only the opinion of the author for work problems, basically a husband or wife must undergo obligations that have been predetermined. Like a husband who earns a living for his family and mothers who educate and look after their children.

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