Simpsonize : This is what you can do to cheer up a friend who is heartbroken

Simpsonize : This is what you can do to cheer up a friend who is heartbroken


Simpsonize : This is what you can do to cheer up a friend who is heartbroken
Simpsonize : This is what you can do to cheer up a friend who is heartbroken

Broken heart indeed often makes people worse off and feel very disappointed. Maybe it’s not easy trying to get up on its own, so from this point a friend is really needed to just lean on and tell all the feelings that raged in the heart preformance. So, if a friend is heartbroken and comes to you to share his story, then help him go through the healing process by doing the following small things.
Here’s how to comfort a friend who is heartbroken.

1. Be a good listener
A good listener here does not mean you have to speak a thousand languages, you can give suggestions which of course are far from being judgmental, although in your conscience, you also know that your friend is also not free from mistakes. Show him that you will always be there to listen to him. That way he will feel better and feel he has a place to complain to spill his heart.

2. Distract
If your friend is busy, then he will automatically forget the problem with his girlfriend manta. But on the contrary if he is focused with his eyes, then there will be resentment and anger that can make him in a dangerous condition. Try to invite your friends to play games or go to the mall just to go play, and invite him to eat together to make the mood of his life back and not sad anymore.

3. Give praise
Praise is not everything, but in a breakup condition, someone tends to feel the impression of being unwanted, not considered, and even being very inferior. In conditions like this the praise you give will restore self confidence slowly. Tell him that many of the men out there who are more handsome, better, better than your ex-friend.

4. Try new things
Maybe all this time your friend often spends time with his girlfriend, so after breaking up he feels lost at such a time together. You as a close friend are a bit sensitive and invite him fatherly to do new things, so that his time is not filled with useful things.

5. Get him to exercise
Whose name is sent love is certainly not healthy for the mind and heart. You can invite your friends to leave their wounds for a while by exercising. Encourage light exercise such as running, playing badminton or other sports. That way your friend managed to divert his attention and be healthy for his body.

6. Give him a present
Now the last step to make your friend happy is to give a gift. Gifts such as what you can give to your friends are gift illustrations with your friends. The illustration gift is an eternal gift because it is not perishable and can be displayed anywhere. No need to be confused looking for someone who can make an illustration. Just visit the website or instagram @yellowsimpsonize. When you visit, you will find some results from the work of yellow simpsonize. If you are interested you can email or you can fill out the form provided.

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