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Make Me Yellow : Effective tips for you and your best friends

Make Me Yellow : Effective tips for you and your best friends

Make Me Yellow : Effective tips for you and your best friends
Make Me Yellow : Effective tips for you and your best friends

Having friends is the greatest happiness in life because friends are the people who best understand our situation. Because after all friends are places where we are difficult or happy. Friends are the right people to share stories and do silly actions together. Especially if your friendship has been going on for a long time, there must be feelings of sadness and loss when you are having a big fight. Something is missing when you fight and you don’t want all this to continue. Try the tips below, can help so that the quarrel subsided and made peace as usual.

1. The first thing you do will be to admit wrong when you are wrong and apologize
Apologizing is not something that embraces guys, forgiving is portraying you as having a big heart and dare to admit mistakes and apologize. Even though you are innocent when you apologize, you value friendship over emotions that are of no use.

2. If he doesn’t want to talk to you, try leaving your best friend for a while, whether it’s a few hours or days until he calms down.
Everyone has different emotions, some are easy to forgive and there are also people who are difficult to forgive. For that you can give your own time for your friend so he is calmer and can be invited to discussion again.

3. Send your apologies through social media
Already grown up, you can already think together clearly, lest you have grown up, it is not necessary to behave in children who block each other’s social media accounts. You who have grown up can start chata the him. What friend do you not want to reply can you upload photos kemesran both of you in social and mild apologies. Surely he will feel the same loss and want to forgive you soon.

4. Come to his house
Before going to his house, you have to make a plan for what your best friend to forgive and forgive you, before you can contact the house first, like his brother or mother. This is to condition whether he is at home or not. So when you come he is at home and at the right time.

5. Bring her favorite food
Try to cook the food you like and send it to his house. Also say that you cooked for him yourself. Your friend will definitely be touched that you are willing to cook for him. Especially if your best friend knows that you can’t cook. A powerful move!

6. Take your best friend’s gokil photo
When you are fighting you and your best friend will definitely feel awkward and feel really bad. Invite him to take a photo of geeks with the plain print of the photo so that it will break the ice. After you print you can, after you print you can illustrate again with a model that is not less ignorant. There is a simpsonize model that is not out of control. The simpsonize model changes your face into a cartoon like The Simpson that doesn’t work with your photo style hehe. If you are curious about the results you can visit the website or you can order if interested in email

Make Me Yellow : How to overcome so that the boyfriend is not angry

Make Me Yellow : How to overcome so that the boyfriend is not angry

Make Me Yellow : How to overcome so that the boyfriend is not angry
Make Me Yellow : How to overcome so that the boyfriend is not angry

Arguments can weaken or strengthen relationships, all couples must go through something like this because of differences in individual relationships. It all depends on how you treat each other when fighting. The impact of a fight is no joke, especially if your boyfriend is really angry with you. How to make a girlfriend no longer angry with you.
How to make a girlfriend angry is not difficult, you do not need to apologize too much or overwhelm a gift so that he melts back. It is an immature act in relationship. All you need to do is be mature and sensitive towards your relationship. Starting from holding back emotions and expressing apology without having to overdo it. Because in this way anger from the lover is easier to control than the two of you meet and no one succumbs to one. And there are other ways like the ones below.

1. Invite boyfriend to make up as soon as possible
When fighting, surely you will be tempted to take revenge on your lawyer just like opening a mistake he made or just quietly apologizing from him because he made a mistake. Surely you already know the impact by you doing that, by acting like that does not solve the problem but makes the atmosphere more turbid and does not bring happiness. One way to make a boyfriend no longer angry is to get him to talk first, ask him what you can do to improve the situation, and don’t use harsh words and control your emotions when arguing with your loved one.

2. Think about what your girlfriend has done to make you happy
Remembering happy things really helps your body relax and relieve stress and eliminate the mind to leave your girlfriend. So when you fight with your boyfriend don’t think about anything but you try to remember the sweet moments with him. With that the mind to fight will be reduced. You and your girlfriend finally make peace and establish love as usual.

3. Be positive. You will not be able to give a positive influence on your boyfriend when you still have negative feelings
If you really want to make up, don’t fight with your negative attitude. Make sure all the words you say out loud are words that make him strong, not derogatory words that make him even more angry. Get rid of aggressive attitudes, emotions that easily arise when we fight.

4. Listen to the girlfriend’s words
You demand that Gar can understand you, but have you noticed what your girlfriend wants. Ask your boyfriend’s opinion about your problem, surely some of his opinions can provide a new perspective that you have never thought of, with a two-way relationship will make your relationship more colorful.

5. Hug
The last way is a hug with the boyfriend. In this way you and Pacara will wear off all your ego and emotions so far. And the thought of leaving is lost, with the wounders of your harmony with your partner more intertwined and make forgiving each other’s actions that make the atmosphere worse. With conditions that are already peaceful you can give a little gift for your apologies. You can give a doll, a tool that is usually used by the lover or an illustration photo of the two of you. To be more different from other illustrations, we can try with the illustrative model such as simpsonize mode. The simpsonize model is an illustration that portrays your faces into a cartoon in The Simspsons cartoon. If you are interested, you can visit the website to browse the results of illustrations with the simpsonize model and you can order through the form provided or you can order via email

Make Me Yellow: The Right Gift For Graduations

Make Me Yellow: The Right Gift For Graduations

Make Me Yellow: The Right Gift For Graduations
Make Me Yellow: The Right Gift For Graduations

Graduation is one phase of life that is passed after finishing college. This should be appreciated by greeting and giving gifts. Because, those who are in graduation will soon be treading the next phase of life. With your arrival at a graduation party your friend will definitely make him happy because there is a sense of caring about your arrival and want to say congratulations and pray for the despised speech immediately and hope for hope when he has graduated.
For those of you who want to give him a present, what gifts are appropriate to give when your friend graduates, let’s look at what gifts are appropriate and interesting to give.

1. Cake Graduation
Cake does not have to be present at the moment of birthday, happy momemne like graduation, promotion also needs its presence. You can even order cakes in the form of graduation themes. This will definitely make your friend happy with the suprise cake you give.

2. Unique placards
When running the graduation procession, the graduates will get a plaque as a sign of their graduation from the university. But the bound placard is not unique because it is as ordinary and stiff as other placards. Now, you can fix the graduation plaque with the name photo motif, even there is an LED lamp that makes the plaque alive at night. Of course the placard is private because it is different from the others.

3. Video
Video can be a memorable and special greeting, you can make it a greeting and give a cut of the moments you’ve been through together. In addition, you can tuck words of motivation and hope when he has graduated, you can invite his childhood friends to give congratulations on his graduation. That is an unforgettable moment for him. Don’t forget to share it on your social media accounts.

4. Caricature
The painting of a friend who is graduating but will always be funny, but this painting does not have to have paper. You can make it in other media which of course will add to the uniqueness. For the caricature model itself there are still trending there is a simpsonize model that makes your friend’s face as if it resembles the character of The Simpsons. So add a unique and different impression from other gifts. For those of you who are interested, you can check on the website, you will see examples of simpsonize models, if you are interested, you can fill out the form on the website or via email

5. Graduation from Clay Clay Statue
Similar to placards, this clay patng can also be a gift for your graduating friend. Besides being able to be saved, this gift also feels personal because you can add things that describe graduation. The statue of Clya is great for you to give to your friends

6. Stuffed Buckets
If the flower bucket withers quickly, there is another way. You can use a small doll stuffed into a bucket that will add to the cuteness and uniqueness of the bucket you bring. For the doll itself, you can understand what the karatker doll is like, so when you buy it, your friend will definitely be happy to accept it and it will certainly be memorable for him.

Make Me Yellow: Gift Recommendation for Mother

Make Me Yellow: Gift Recommendation for Mother

Make Me Yellow: Gift Recommendation for Mother
Make Me Yellow: Gift Recommendation for Mother

Thinking about a birthday present for mom sometimes takes a long time, because we need to think a long time when spending gifts. Because we are afraid that the goods bought are not suitable, then the taste until the budget is owned.
That consideration is very important, until the gifts you buy are expensive, it doesn’t need your mother. Too bad nanntinya if the item is not used and even just wine it.
Therefore for parents you must be observant to buy it because you are always different from parents. Especially if it’s easy for a mom to buy something easily. Use gift swatches that fit the needs of parents. Now remember mother’s day again, the following birthday gifts for mothers that you can make choices.

1. Recipe Book.
Usually mothers who are married love cooking, now you can buy a recipe book. This recipe book makes your mother try new recipes, and it is possible that the book you received was inspired to make a restaurant because the recipe you provided is suitable and sold.

2. Bag
A choice of birthday gift bags for mothers who are often bought. You just want to buy a branded bag and choose colors that suit your tastes.
For moms, you can buy bags that are often used for social gathering, going out, or meeting with friends.

3. Shoes
Shoes can also be bought gifts You can buy sports shoes with the aim that your mother often exercise and save kebudgaran use. Or you can buy shoes that are as cheerful as he wears. Maybe formal shoes are used for meetings at work. Just a suggestion don’t buy high-heeled shoes because it’s appropriate and inconvenient for elderly mothers to wear

4. Clothing
Besides bags and shoes, a popular birthday gift for moms is clothes. You can give it formal clothes, t-shirts or other things. For formal clothes you can buy dres to come at the invitation of the marriage of relatives or relatives. You can buy it according to your mother’s size and taste. You buy Pakakian, the material is lightweight and stifling not used.

5. Jewelry
As a jeweler, this is a luxury item by far. This jewelry can be a ring, ring, bracelet or earrings made of gold, silver or diamonds.
The price is expensive, if you want to give a gift, you can. When you think about it, buying jewelry turned out to be very profitable. Not just to enhance your appearance as a long-term investment.

6. Worship Trips
The journey of worship really requires a lot of money, because the pilgrimage is done far away in the country. But if we save as little and save him to go to worship. Surely he was happy with the gift that you gave him a gift that was very berkersan for him.

7. Illustration
The next gift you can give your mother is an illustration of her face. Messages that describe the face he was with the family would be liked and happy because his face was painted. The fatherly model that is suitable for family conversations is the simpsonize model that makes characters like those in the cartoon The Simpsons. Illustration of Simpsonize memson gift will make your mother happy Even one family because it illustrates that is different from the others.
For those of you who are interested, you can directly visit our website at or order by email at

That’s the recommendation for a birthday gift that you can give to your mother. In addition to your birthday, you can also give Mother’s Day, her wedding moment or something else. The gift may not be able to return the favor, but at least it can help us express our love to them.

Make Me Yellow : Character antagonis in the series The Simpsons

Make Me Yellow : Character antagonis in the series The Simpsons

Make Me Yellow : Character antagonis in the series The Simpsons
Make Me Yellow : Character antagonis in the series The Simpsons

It doesn’t feel, the simpsons series that we like has touched at the age of 30 years. Comedy and enigmatic animated series teaki always present with fresh bayoons that provoke laughter for the audience. The Simpsons family’s behavior is always interesting to watch. Filled with characters with a strong identity, the dynamics in the city of Springfield also provide entertainment-laden spectacle.

Apart from the simpson character that is so revered by fans, there are some antagonistic characters who take our hearts as spectators because of the extraordinary crime. Who do they think they are?

  1. Hank Scorpio

Carried like a criminal in the flim of a secret agent, Hank Scorpio appeared mesmerized because of his intelligence and intelligence who understood the current situation. Hank Scorpio is the boss of the main character, namely Homer. Homer did not suspect that his boss was a member of terrorist leaders who spread fear in America, this antagonist was very concerned about his men in Crypress Creek, the home town of Hank’s multinational corporation.

Hank once said with homer that he missed his hometown in Springfield, his hometown. Hank was forced to let go of Homer and give the Fenver Broncos team to Homer.


  1. Sildeshow Bob

Bob is the next antogonist character who is most often seen in the Th Simpsons cartoon series. Begins his career as a companion to Krusty’s clown on a comedy tv show. Bob mutus out. That’s because they don’t like it because of the torture of the clown.

In revenge, this character is a genius and wants to make plans to trap his former boss. His evil plan was prepared carefully but the plan was canceled because Bart came and undo the intention to carry out his mission, with the failure of Bob to be a tough rival of Bart Simpson. But bob is a successful antagonist and always missed by his appearance.


  1. Jesicca Lovejoy

The daughter of Father Lovejoy was raised in a religious family. He is sweet, calm and pleasant. Being an idol at her school, Jessica’s charm made Bart have a crush. She becomes Bart’s first girlfriend. But behind all that, Jessica kept another secret. Yep, he is a rebel child, likes to do chaos, even exceeding the mischief of Bart Simpson. He often uses his charming beauty to get what he wants: mischief.

  1. Fat Tony

Furthermore, the famous antagonist character is Fat Tony as the mob boss in the city of Springfield. Have a myriad of illegal businesses, like gambling and smuggling buying and selling fake identities. For the sake of launching the action, Fat Tony bribed Major Quimb, the governor in power in the city of Springfield. Unfortunately Fat Tony only reached episode 35 because he died of a heart attack. And his illegal business was continued by his cousin Fit Tony.

  1. Mr. Burns

This character is one of the main antagonistic characters in the history of The Simpsons. As Homer’s boss at the Spreingfiel Nuclear Power Plant. Mr. Burns is the most crazy person with wealth and power. For the sake of adding assets, he is not reluctant to do illegal acts such as selling uranium to terrorists.

Often arbitrarily applies to subordinates, Mr. Burns was often the source of Homer’s suffering. Manipulation expert, Mr. Burns did not hesitate to make others miserable for personal ambition. However, beyond his madness, Mr. Burns has a soft side. He really cares about his personal assistant, Waylon Smithers. In addition, he is willing to give Bobo, his favorite teddy bear to Maggie Simpson.


Yes some of the antagonistic characters in the story many who hate to be carried into the real world. But the antagonist character is needed in a story wherever it is because the antagonist character makes the story more alive and has more meaning.


Those are some examples of antaogonic characters in the Simpsons series. For you lovers of The Simpsons series and want to make your face similar to the Simpson character and have a background similar to The Simpson cartoon series you can visit the website or can order through email

Make Me Yellow : 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Simple yet Memorable Boyfriend.

Make Me Yellow : 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Simple yet Memorable Boyfriend.

Make Me Yellow : 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Simple yet Memorable Boyfriend.
Make Me Yellow : 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Simple yet Memorable Boyfriend.

For some people birthdays are important events in their lives. Not only hoping for words and prayers, sometimes gifts are also waiting for his presence what else from a dear person. The birthday moment is the same effect for 2 people, between a birthday with a birthday lover. So that the gift that you impress, you can see examples of gifts for your lover.

  1. Video of birthday greeting.

In the era of all-digital as now giving kadi in the form of video is very easy to do. You can make it yourself using a smartphone or PC application that you have at home. Now for the contents of the video can be a greeting from you or sayings from the closest people who are around your girlfriend. Give a beautiful hope to your lover. And don’t forget to upload it on your social media so that your beloved believes that he is everything.

  1. Dolls

For this gift, especially for your female lover. Almost all women wear with dolls. For this type of doll itself there are many kinds of dolls whose models are cute and unique. Like cartoon characters who often decorate the screen like simpson, flinkstone, stich, bear and others. Besides being cute and decorating the doll room that you love, you also accompany him to sleep at night.

  1. Couple Watches

This watch is perfect for a birthday present for someone you care about. In order to better understand and mengahrgai with the name but time. In addition, a nice and unique watch will be used frequently that makes you feel closer to the lover.

  1. Birthday Cake

Yups cake is synonymous with birthday party statement. It would be a different story if the one who made the cake was a lover. Even though the shape and taste is not as beautiful and as good as the cake in the bakery. But it will be different if it makes a lover, and surely your boyfriend really appreciates it. And affirm that your homemade cake is delicious hehehe.

  1. Small Flower Plants

Instead of giving your girlfriend an expensive bouquet of roses, you can give her a small, living plant. Tell him that this plant is a symbol of your love that must always be kept alive.

If your girlfriend is really sincere to you, it should not be difficult to look after the small plant for her and your gift will be cared for with all her heart.

  1. A Box of Your Love Trip Photos

Then you can give suprize, with a city that contains photos of you two from the two of you close, until it becomes a lover who survives until now, don’t forget to give sweet words and of course touch her heart. He who opens will surely be moved by your efforts that try to compose photographs in such a way, surely he will remember the sense of race that was once shared.

  1. Caricature

For those of you who are confused by the photos of you two who just like that, you can change the model of your photo into a caricature, besides that the caricature is suitable for studying your lover’s birthday present. In addition to photos and different images, caricature drawings have their own impression. As an example of a caricature with the simpsonize model, the simpsonize model is a photo that is drawn similar to the simpson cartoon. For those of you who are still intrigued and confused as to what form the finished photo can visit the website and if you are interested can register the form on the website or order via email

Make Me Yellow: A Gift Suitable For a Younger Sister.

Make Me Yellow: A Gift Suitable For a Younger Sister.


Make Me Yellow: A Gift Suitable For a Younger Sister.
Make Me Yellow: A Gift Suitable For a Younger Sister.

Hello, Do you have a younger sister who will have a birthday? If so, of course you want to give him an exciting and memorable gift for him right? Don’t be confused, we will help you to find an interesting caddy for your younger sibling.

Hi to you who have a younger sister, be thankful because your sister will be your best friend, even though in fact often fighting because of trivial issues, such as fighting over bread, or remote tv hehe.

Even so, you as an older sister who has a younger sister, is usually more protective of your sister and wants what is best for her. When your sister has a birthday, an older sister will definitely want to give a gift to her beloved sister.

In giving a caddy to a younger sister, you have to show concern and enjoy being a sister. You can give a gift according to her happiness or her favorite to support her daily activities.


  1. Give a Novel

For you who have a younger sister who loves reading and studying, you can give a box of stationery containing pencils, colorful markers, ballpoints, and sweet lael to look at. Don’t forget to give him good books for him to learn like biographical books from successful people, and to make a little refresh you can give him funny or favorite novels from your sister.

  1. Cosmetic

In this day and age, social medial influences are very influential in real life. The habit of wearing makeup for today is very reasonable. And anyway basically all women want to look beautiful wherever they are. Now you can give a cosmetics gift for your sister’s body care. Apart from seeing your sister happy because she got a gift, you also feel happy when you see your beautiful sister.

  1. Sneaker

For those of you who have a sporty girl style, of course you are already familiar with the collection of sneakers used for jogging on Sunday. Comfortable to use and suitable to be combined with a variety of fashion choices, Sneakeer is a must-have item because it can be used in all activities, ranging from jogging, hiking, gym and even walking is still suitable for use.

For those of you who want to give a gift to a younger sister can be an alternative, because of the uses and needs that are often used and can help your sister activities of course. Before you furnish you can see a favorite brand that you like. So that when you give your sister a pleasure to multiply.

  1. Dolls

Almost all women like cute and soft objects that are easy to cuddle. This is a fact that is hard to deny. Because it’s a doll gift suitable for accompanying sleep or to accompany leisure time, choose a large and cute doll so your sister is happy and can hold her.

  1. Caricature.

The prize that is bestowed upon your dear sister is a caricature drawing, what caricature drawing will you give? The picture you provided is a caricature between you and your sister. For caricature models there are various forms. There is a caricature which is more trendy, a simpsonize model caricature. The simpsonize model is a caricature that changes the original face into a simpson cartoon character but does not change the identity of the original photo. When you give caricature to your sister, you have a special value because it has a high value and art. You can customize the bakground to look like the one in simspons. Please, you can visit to see the results of the caricature of the simpsonize model. You can order via the website or order through


Whatever you give a birthday present for your sister, she will definitely receive it. The most important thing is you give a useful and useful gift for your sister of course. Hopefully the above article is useful and can be a reference for finding gifts for your female sister.

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