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Get me Yellow : How to make Mother happy even though you are not yet established

Get me Yellow : How to make Mother happy even though you are not yet established

Get me Yellow : How to make Mother happy even though you are not yet established
Get me Yellow : How to make Mother happy even though you are not yet established

For those of you who read this article, on average, you enter into adulthood and are looking for identity, there are so many obstacles in our age now. Starting from work that can only be used for living alone and still confused to find the direction and purpose in life. With such a taste you see the age of your mother getting older but you still can not give him anything. Do you fail that to make your mother happy?
Take it easy in article ii will help make your mother happy even though you have not been fully successful. Because basically happy mothers do not need to wait for success.

1. Frequently share stories with mothers, so that mothers understand your development
Maybe you are rarely at home, time is spent outside the house from morning we have to work, come home late at night already tired and then we sleep. When on vacation we prefer to spend time with friends. But do not make an excuse to establish good communication with your mother. Take time to exchange stories with him. Always let him know about the latest things in your life. Because the development of you has made him happy and he will take the puppies so that he can succeed as soon as possible.

2. Be a good listener so your mother doesn’t feel alone
In addition to sharing stories with mother, be a good listener when your mother tells. This method is effective to make your mother not alone and share the burden of sorrow and sorrow to you. So it’s not too hard to think about yourself.

3. Often take the time to go home and accompany the mother’s activities
The more age of your mother, of course she wants to be accompanied by her child. Therefore you often stop by to meet because by meeting only when you are happy with a child who grew up with affection to go home fatherly to visit him.

4. Pay attention to your mother’s condition
If your mother used to take care of you then now vice versa. You’re the one who has to pay attention to your mother’s condition and try your best to meet her needs. For example, when he did not have shoes that are comfortable to wear. You can leave a little of your salary to buy shoes for mom. Although small, but this gift will be very memorable for him.

5. Already independent with your own life
Even though your life has not been successful and completely passive, and you are still looking for a way of your life by trying anything and still changing jobs frequently. It doesn’t matter because it is a process of maturity. However, try to always be independent and not bother the mother. This nature of your mandate will make you proud and happy at the same time.

6. When returning home, minimize it to bother your mother
When returning home, maximize the time when meeting and quality with your mother. You can go home without preaching it because you don’t have to bother preparing food or cleaning your room. Lighten homework when you come home.

7. Give gifts
The next thing you can give a gift or souvenir eyes. Even though you are just right, at least your parents do not understand that you are in a bad condition because that will only make him think more. Stay independent and you can buy food or kayak food that can be placed in the living room. In order to be more interesting you can order paintings using the simpsonize model. Namely the painting with the character of The Simpsons. With this, it adds to the uniqueness of the painting. It is placed in the guest room. As well as making your mother happy, you can see the chaos of characters that describe her child with her.

Get me Yellow :Farewell Gift for Your Friends who Switched to Work

Get me Yellow :Farewell Gift for Your Friends who Switched to Work

Get me Yellow :Farewell Gift for Your Friends who Switched to Work
Get me Yellow :Farewell Gift for Your Friends who Switched to Work

Luckily for you who work in a high-kin family environment. Where the relationship of each personnel is very close like his own family because we often meet and communicate with him because of work and personal matters that make us close to his own coworkers.
But there is an annoying moment when your workmates who are used to being with you in joy and sorrow will move to their work placement or resign from your workplace. Now for your thanks to him, before he really moved you can give him a little keepsake for him as your closest person.

1. Present a agenda book
This agenda book is not only used to record daily activities. But it also has content that is as uniform as a page for recording expenses in functional detail, right? Besides, when he records, you will definitely remember you as a colleague.

2. Softcase
The next gift you can give is a softcase cellphone, before you buy it, make sure what your cellphone is. So when you buy it is not the wrong target, hehe. You can give it a softcase in accordance with the motive that he likes. So when you give it away, she will like it because the item you gave is useful and can protect her cellphone.

3. Give a reading book
Choose books that he likes and books that he doesn’t have. That way when you give it it will make it happy to get it. So when you give him a book it will make your coworker’s lang time more colorful. In addition, your friend will mengignat the book obtained from a coworker first.

4. Painting your friend
Now for the next gift you can make a painting with your friend’s favorite activities, for example your friend likes to sing, play ball, or also like to travel. With you giving him paintings so he always remembers you when the paintings are placed in a place he likes. But there are still many who are confused about what paintings are suitable? Maybe you can use the simpsonize model, the simponize model makes your painting look like the character of The Simpsons without losing its identity. If you are interested please visit the website, or order via email and you can visit isntagram @yellowsimpsonize to see the results of the painting.

5. A picture of you two
Try to collect photos of you two while you are still working together or photos when you gather after work hours like eating together, eating karaoke together, or playing games at the mall. Then rank the photos in the frame that you have provided.

6. Drinking place
The next gift that you can give to your coworkers is drinking water. Sealin helps him to be more diligent in drinking water, giving him a drink bottle also supports your pengiritan program. So no more snacks and drinks that are brought more hygienic than drinks purchased outside.

7. Briefcases
The next gift that you can give to your friends who resign to work is a briefcase, so the bag you give is more useful and is often used when your friend works in a new place. And bags are mandatory when we work, because as a tool to carry luggage when we work.

Get me Yellow : Farewell gift for favorite teacher

Get me Yellow : Farewell gift for favorite teacher

Get me Yellow : Prevent the spread of corona, do this fun way to feel at home!
Get me Yellow : Farewell gift for favorite teacher

In addition to family, spouse and friends, there is another one that is more than just a gift, our teacher. Yups however we must respect and respect a teacher. Like the teacher is our second parent, he is he who teaches us the science of education, manners and so forth that we cannot explain individually. For return even though it is not comparable with the knowledge given by our teacher. For those of you who want to give a gift to your teacher, you can refer to the article below, perhaps it helps to find the right gift for your teacher.

1. Album Memories
School farewells usually like to make a school yearbook as a memento for those who are going to graduate. To make it more memorable and different from your school memory album, you can create a class memory album for your teacher or homeroom teacher. By utilizing used items that are available and can still be utilized, then make a cling or scrapbook containing photos of classmates and activities in the classroom and don’t forget to give sweet words. This will be an unforgettable gift for your teacher.

2. Fabric
Teachers usually dress formally. For that they definitely need a lot of formal clothes. Fabric can be an alternative gift for your teacher. Because you do not need to buy a young clothes what model and what size clothes. So you don’t need to be afraid that the clothes you are giving do not match the model or size that does not fit.\

3. Journal books
A teacher usually takes notes, the right choice if you give a gift in the form of a journal. It was very useful to support his daily activities, ranging from teaching and learning or school meetings. In addition, journal books are not difficult to find and the price is affordable. Give a journal that has the colors of his diocese. So that he wants to make notes when he will remember with students like you.

4. Pencil Case
All teachers definitely need a pencil holder. It is certainly very useful for a teacher so that his stationery is not scattered a lot and is simple to carry anywhere. In addition, the price of a pencil case is still affordable and searching for it is not too difficult because there are so many bookstores available. Observe in advance the favorite colors and motifs that he likes.

5. Book
The next gift choice is a book. Generally the teachers like to read, so you give additional reading for him when he is free. What’s hard about this gift is guessing what genre of books your teacher likes.

6. Caricature
Now for caricature is an alternative for you who want to give a gift that is somewhat different from the others. You can make caricatures when your teacher is teaching. To compete for a caricature that is slightly different and unique but still interesting to look at you can use the simpsonize model. The simpsonize model is that your teacher’s face is made as if it is similar to the character of Simpson without losing the identity of your teacher’s face. So the gift that you give leaves the impression that it can even be displayed in a room at home or in his workroom. If you want to describe your teacher with the simpsonize model, you can visit the site or order by email at

One thing to remember is that he will not care about the price. Whatever you give will certainly be meaningful because of your gift from the form of sincerity. Gratitude for the knowledge that has been given.
So, don’t be afraid or embarrassed! Whatever gift you give will make him happy, really. He will remember your sincerity for a very long time, just as you will always carry the knowledge he has taught.

Get me Yellow : How to reveal for those of you who love secretly.

Get me Yellow : How to reveal for those of you who love secretly.

Get me Yellow : Prevent the spread of corona, do this fun way to feel at home!
Get me Yellow : Prevent the spread of corona, do this fun way to feel at home!

Who until now loves someone but still hasn’t expressed their feelings? surely some people who are reading are in this position, oops. There are many reasons until now you have never revealed. Starting from the truly innocent you have never been dating, or for those of you who have had a relationship but did not go well that caused a trauma to start your love back, there are also those who dare not express their feelings because of the rejection in the past. The most frequently found case is not expressing feelings because it has been too long and close or can be called a friend. Some do not dare to express because they do not want to ruin a good sense of friendship all this time, even though they feel hurt when he goes with others.
He returned with pain, because he was hurt by the person he thought was his future. You are always there for him when he is sad, and you here can only hold back the feeling of wanting to say that there are people who care and love you. Hehe just directly refer to the article below for those of you who want to give a gift without wanting to know hehe.

1. Flower Arrangements
Wow, this is for you, a typical romantic guy can. Give flowers on his desk and don’t forget that there is a series of words that make him dreary and more curious who the hell is this person. Do not forget to pay attention to the thin attention so that he remains amazed by your efforts the secret admirer.

2. Food Supplies
This method can also be for you the secret admirer who every day doi never bring lunch but eat outside the office. Now you can bring lunch to the doi whose menu is his favorite food. You can assemble provisions as interesting as possible and give sweet words so that the doi eat it with gusto.

3. Chocolate
Then you can give chocolate on his desk or in front of his house. Give the brown writing to whom, because if you forget it can be a problem. It could be eaten by his brother or mother hehehe. Love a few motivational words so that you can be strong and tough in your daily life.

4. Caricature
Now you can do this one unique way. You can search for her photos in daily life or work time. Then you make a good caricature. If you are still confused here about the caricature model you want to make, you can try the simpsonize caricature model. Simpsonize caricature makes a picture of the doi similar to the simpson character. although changing the simpsonize character does not eliminate identity and can still be recognized. You must be interested right, you directly visit the website fan directly fill out the form provided for more details or you can directly email to

Congratulations on trying the ways in the article, see your reaction if you feel happy you can enter slowly and talk deeper that you want to establish a more serious relationship than before. Because love is not only to be buried, but it is stated and assured that he is your future.

Simpsonize : Photo Both at Your Wedding

Simpsonize : Photo Both at Your Wedding


Simpsonize : Photo Both at Your Wedding
Simpsonize : Photo Both at Your Wedding

There are many things that must be prepared in the moment of marriage. Not only wedding dresses. But there are other things such as building, catering, decoration, wedding invitation and others. One thing that is becoming a trend of children now is to provide a photo booth or a place for drawing photos. This is now needed because in the digital era people are racing to update their activities to their respective social media
Photo booths are often placed in front of the entrance, so invited guests before entering the wedding can take pictures together with close relatives of the bride and groom. What are the concept of a nice and unique photo booth? Please article below.

1. Vintage photo booth theme
The first boot phoot is the vintage photo theme, which has an old nuance but is still intagrameble. By arranging wooden chairs covered with straw this is very unique and you can add a flashlight, a used wooden table and the presence of wedding elements from the bride will make an elegant but attractive impression.

2. Photo nuanced floral wall
Floral wall is decorated with four colors that come out from special materials so it is not easily damaged and dislodged. By arranging the flowers in such a way as to make it arranged and at the bottom there is a carpet and a sprinkling of flowers to bring a romantic impression.

3. Tropical 3D Photo Booth
Tropical leafy plants are becoming a trend at the moment because of its shape which brings coolness and calm air suitable to be used as the next photo booth. Before you can prepare plants ferns, antlers, deer dollars, and so forth. You can combine it with other green leafy plants.

4. Photo booth using a blackboard
Then you can use the blackboard as a photo media. The strength of the board is that you can write your name and your partner. Besides being attractive, this can also save a budget.

5. Photo booth with polaroid style frames
This simple polaroid-style photo booth is also Instgramable. You can add your name or words of prayer for your marriage. This boot photo placement can also be placed in front of a large bepot plant so that it can conjure up a photo image.

6. Simple photo booth using used plywood
You can make your boot photos as creative as possible. It can even take advantage of the used plywood at home with a little capital needed to be a very instagramable object for the invited guests’ photos. Like coloring old plywood and adding wedding ornaments

7. Photo with cartoon concept
The next photo concept you can pity the concept of cartoons. Cartoons favored by brides and cartoons on display can be enjoyed by all ages. Cartoons that are suitable and still trend are The Simpsons cartoons. For those of you who are still confused, you can visit the website because there are many examples. For you who want to be described as an example on the website you can order through the form on the website or order via email Your picture illustrated as The Simpsons character will make a photo booth different from the others. For you still want to see other examples, please visit instagram @yellowsimpsonize

Simpsonize : Let’s Decorate Our Office Desks To Be Free of Saturation and More Enthusiasm

Simpsonize : Let’s Decorate Our Office Desks To Be Free of Saturation and More Enthusiasm

Workbench is one of the spots that you meet every day. Almost all your activities carried out there all day. It is not impossible that you will become bored with the atmosphere, especially if you have a pile of work waiting. Even though the comfortable and pleasant atmosphere of the work affects the productivity, you know. To get an atmosphere like that, you can start by decorating work in a monotonous way. Yuks, Check the following methods:

1. Add Tassel Ornaments Arranged to put Behind The Computer.
Tassel decoration makes your office desk more crowded and more workspace more lively and makes the work desk not monotonous. Oh yes you can give frills with different colors but still in harmony.

2. Add a Calendar with an Attractive Design
Add a calendar on your work table besides you can understand what date it is, and besides you can create a work time table, it will make you work more organized. In addition, you can design calendars by attaching your family photos, or pictures of your loved ones or work colleagues who help you in your work.

3. Display colorful and art drawings behind the computer. You can download it for free on the internet.
You can download the images on the internet then you can save and print and don’t forget to frame it to make it look neat. And you can give motivational words at work. So that you are more enthusiastic and happy working through work.

4. Putting Small Plants
Furthermore, what you can do in decorating your desk is you can place small model plants that can be placed on the corner of the office desk. Besides that you make your desk beautiful. Plants can also reduce your stress at work. Although small plants can add coolness to your office desk.

5. Add a Table Lamp.
The next item you can put is a table lamp, a table lamp that you have can put it in the corner of the table, and make the office desk warm and make the atmosphere more calm and warm of course. It will make your work finished faster but you will be more relaxed and enjoy doing it.

6. Coffee Cup
The next item that you can use to decorate the table is the coffee cup, your coffee glass can be the next ingredient that can beautify your desk. Besides that you can make coffee cups every morning that make your work more productive and enjoy more in the work.

7. Display Caricatures
Furthermore, items that you can use to decorate your work desk are, you can display caricatures of your own face and family or your office friends. Well you must be confused here what kind of picture will be discussed in the caricature. The most simple simpsonize model now so that your face is depicted with models such as The Simspsons card without losing your identity. No need to worry you can go directly to the website or you can visit instgarma to see examples of ready-made email. You can visit Instagram @yellowsimpsonize. If you want to order caricatures with the simpsonize model via email

Simpsonize : Do This When Bored Working

Simpsonize : Do This When Bored Working

It is undeniable, the routine in working that we live for days and days makes us become bored when we start living it. Activities in the office can be guessed, and almost the same every day. Or we in the office feel overwhelmed by the activities in the office makes you more depressed and makes you feel lazy and make your mood feel worse. Work is no longer a pleasure and the important thing is finished. Instead of your work more messed up you can try the things below.

1. Use the Weekend
When weekdays you have been stuck in work that is piling up and a lot, so when you get a day off you can use it with the family to joke together to see television with serials that entertain the family, or you can use it for useful things and can increase your creativity. Use this time for you, because of the different ways in which you can read novels, go to work, go to karaoke, and do your hobbies. Pleasing yourself is a surefire way to get you back in shape.

2. Go home on time
In order to avoid feeling of boredom, you simply run your work according to the portion according to your working hours, such as your working hours, only 8 hours per day Don’t feel burdened after office hours are over. Stop thinking about things related to work after you get home.
Do not open e-mails, check reports because they can make you burdened and your break even more ineffective. It’s not that we limit our ability to work, but this is a form of work itself, because we will have more creative power when we have enough rest.

3. Schedule a vacation to a different place
Besides scheduling a very short trip on weekends. You can also hold a vacation periodically, and you can schedule at new vacation spots, because with you coming in new places you will get a new experience that is beautiful and memorable of course. With you on a periodic holiday with financial means, who should you be, and with this periodic vacation, you can make motivation to earn money for your holiday tomorrow.

4. Build relationships with coworkers
Boredom at work will be greatly treated when you have a good relationship with your coworkers. Even though you have to have good relationships with coworkers because when you are bored you can tell stories to each other and find solutions together. Or you have friends when lunch time has arrived. With you in a relationship with your coworkers, the work you take will be more enjoyable and easier to complete because it is assisted by colleagues.

5. Put objects in your workplace
There are other ways you can decorate your desk as interesting as you can by writing motivational writing, putting photos of parents in front of your work desk. Put your photos with your loved ones or you can put illustrations on your work table. Illustration of the face of you or your parents so that your work is more enthusiastic and not easily give up. Want a different illustration you can make an illustration in the form of The Simpsons character that depicts a yellow-faced and funny person with a slightly different and funny model that makes your stress and bored a little less. Confused looking for where you can visit the website or order via email

Simpsonize : Recommended Winners of the Contest Winners

Simpsonize : Recommended Winners of the Contest Winners

Simpsonize : Recommended Winners of the Contest Winners
Simpsonize : Recommended Winners of the Contest Winners

Choosing hadiha for the right race sometimes makes us confused to determine it. No need to worry, we here will help give prizes what you can give to the winner. Lomab Lomab is often held at special events such as birthdays as well as when graduation or gathering with large families. Many will benefit from the race starting to build cohesiveness, build a sense of brotherhood and make us able to think fast.
Things that should not be left behind in this race are prizes for the winners of the race. It’s not easy either to determine the most appropriate and appropriate gift. What do you think is a good prize for the winner of the competition?

1. Toy Piggy Bank
For the first gift recommendation you can give is a coin-eating dog or cat piggy bank. This game is an option besides its unique shape. Making the winner prefer to save and live frugally. How it works is easy to live piggy bank just put money on the dog’s place to eat. Then the dog will automatically enter the coin into the box.

2. Stationery
Stationery is definitely needed by children so it is suitable to be used as a prize for the August 17 competition. There are many stationery available at bookstores, but because this is a prize for the contest. Then it will be even better if you give one stationery, starting from books, pencil cases etc.

3. Bicycles
The next recommended gift is a bicycle. Now for this sepda can be a reference as the main prize. Because all who take part in the race will really want to win the race. You can find sepda who are currently hits. The average mountain bike is an alternative for gifts. Prize bikes may be included in a big race and there are many participants. Like a carnival competition, or competition between districts. In addition, bicycles help the go green movement which reduces the use of motorized vehicles that are getting more and more and are not good for the surrounding environment.

4. Lunch box
Lunch boxes or lunch boxes for children are equally useful as gifts for children. By bringing supplies from home, children’s food is healthier and more secure and their nutrients can be guaranteed by the mother at home.
This box is suitable for storing children’s provisions because it has a light weight, and there are 3 bulkheads and 1 place for soup. Choose ingredients for a safe place to eat “plasitc food grade”

5. Bag
The bag is equally useful, this type of backpack is made of canvas which has a wide main compartment so that it can load a lot of things. With such results he will often use the race whether it’s for school or sightseeing.

6. Illustration
The next prize that you can give to the winner of lomab is an illustration. Illustration of the face of the winner. There are so many kinds of illustrations, now there are illustrations that are trending when I illustrate simpsonize. This illustration changes your face into a cartoon of The Simpsons without losing your identity. If you are interested please visit the site prices start at $ 5. If you are interested, you can fill out the form on the site, and if you want to see the results of the illustration please visit @yellowsimpsonize

Simpsonize : This is what you can do to cheer up a friend who is heartbroken

Simpsonize : This is what you can do to cheer up a friend who is heartbroken


Simpsonize : This is what you can do to cheer up a friend who is heartbroken
Simpsonize : This is what you can do to cheer up a friend who is heartbroken

Broken heart indeed often makes people worse off and feel very disappointed. Maybe it’s not easy trying to get up on its own, so from this point a friend is really needed to just lean on and tell all the feelings that raged in the heart preformance. So, if a friend is heartbroken and comes to you to share his story, then help him go through the healing process by doing the following small things.
Here’s how to comfort a friend who is heartbroken.

1. Be a good listener
A good listener here does not mean you have to speak a thousand languages, you can give suggestions which of course are far from being judgmental, although in your conscience, you also know that your friend is also not free from mistakes. Show him that you will always be there to listen to him. That way he will feel better and feel he has a place to complain to spill his heart.

2. Distract
If your friend is busy, then he will automatically forget the problem with his girlfriend manta. But on the contrary if he is focused with his eyes, then there will be resentment and anger that can make him in a dangerous condition. Try to invite your friends to play games or go to the mall just to go play, and invite him to eat together to make the mood of his life back and not sad anymore.

3. Give praise
Praise is not everything, but in a breakup condition, someone tends to feel the impression of being unwanted, not considered, and even being very inferior. In conditions like this the praise you give will restore self confidence slowly. Tell him that many of the men out there who are more handsome, better, better than your ex-friend.

4. Try new things
Maybe all this time your friend often spends time with his girlfriend, so after breaking up he feels lost at such a time together. You as a close friend are a bit sensitive and invite him fatherly to do new things, so that his time is not filled with useful things.

5. Get him to exercise
Whose name is sent love is certainly not healthy for the mind and heart. You can invite your friends to leave their wounds for a while by exercising. Encourage light exercise such as running, playing badminton or other sports. That way your friend managed to divert his attention and be healthy for his body.

6. Give him a present
Now the last step to make your friend happy is to give a gift. Gifts such as what you can give to your friends are gift illustrations with your friends. The illustration gift is an eternal gift because it is not perishable and can be displayed anywhere. No need to be confused looking for someone who can make an illustration. Just visit the website or instagram @yellowsimpsonize. When you visit, you will find some results from the work of yellow simpsonize. If you are interested you can email or you can fill out the form provided.

Simpsonize : A Gift For A Former Lover

Simpsonize : A Gift For A Former Lover

Simpsonize : A Gift For A Former Lover
Simpsonize : A Gift For A Former Lover

A former lover, someone who used to accompany when happy or sad, a gift to remember manta, is it necessary?
A memento gift for your ex, thanks or an attempt at feedback? Even though the ex has filled your heart when you are sad or happy even though you finally split up, but behind it the ex has fond memories with him. However, even though it is forbidden for the former, we should not be hostile to it, still having a relationship even though it’s only a friend. Then what will you give to your ex. Let’s take the article below and can help you to improve your relationship with the ex.

1. Hour
Accessories like clips, ribbons, or bandanas can be the right gift for your ex-girl. Your girls. Girls will certainly be very happy to receive gifts that can make them look more beautiful. If your ex is a guy, a watch can be the right choice. This men’s watch from Casio for example. Equipped with alarm and 5 bar water resist.

2. Dolls
The next gift that you can give to the ex is a doll, almost all women like dolls, give dolls in accordance with the cartoons that he suakia. A size that can be hugged. In order to accompany the night. Share with your apologies and give sweet sayings and prayers for the best for him.

3. Concert tapes or tickets
The next gift you can give is a cassette or concert ticket for the ex idol band, of course you know very well the ex’s favorite because after leaving, he often sings songs from which band. That way you can find an original CD from the ex’s favorite band or you can find the band info that he likes to hold concerts at. If the concert is in your area, this is for you to give concert tickets to come at the band’s concert party.

4. Sleep Light
Another gift you can give is that you can give a light sleep. By giving him a light sleep, with that night he does not need to be afraid because there is a sleep lamp that accompanies the night. Buy a light sleeper that has music for lullaby prefer your ex of course. You can even remember the times when you were together so you could easily invite him back.

5. Illustration
The next gift you can give is an illustration of the face of the ex, you must have photos of the ex, right? that way you don’t need to ask him to send photos. You can make an illustration of his face armed with a photo of the ex. You can make an illustration with a trendy model. The trend that is currently viral is the simpsonize illustration. This illustration depicts someone drawn similar to a cartoon in The Simpsons without losing his identity. You can see examples on the website or you can see the catalog on instagram @yellowsimpsonize or you can see gigs at

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