Yellow People Cartoon : The Simpsons Avengers Published March 1 2020

Yellow People Cartoon : The Simpsons Avengers Published March 1 2020

Yellow People Cartoon : The Simpsons Avengers Published March 1 2020
Yellow People Cartoon : The Simpsons Avengers Published March 1 2020

This is not the first time that The Simpsons series has presented parodies with a newly published cartoon or film. Even American presidents like Donald Trump are also parodied by this dominant cartoon in yellow. But with the merger of Disney and Fox, something is different. Yups recently The Simpsons released a poster entitled “Bart the Bad Guy” !!

1. With the hilarious and unique character of The Simpsons parodying the Avengers: Infinity War
The poster “Bart the Bad Guy” is a parody of Avenger Infinty War, here Bart is very fierce and surrounded by other super heroes. And at the front are Homer, Lisa and Marge who are posing in fear. Except for Homer, homer here is sleeping. As in previous episodes, Homer is the main character who is always relaxed where he is. Whooooa Getting even more curious in the future episodes of Homer will be what and will just do when the war starts.

2. Starring Episode Bart and Bad Guy
This Infinity War parody might have a hilarious touch, like the production studio is not marvel but marbel like the name of sweets for children. But the poster list includes actors who are truly typical of The Simpsons such as Castellaneta, Hank Azaria and others.
It’s just that when you look at the top corner there are familiar actors and actresses like Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Cobie Smulders. These are the figures involved in the Marvel flime. The Russo Brothers are directors of some of the box office marvels such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinty War, and Endgame. While Cobie Smulders is cast of Maria Hill
There are other interesting things besides that there is the boss of Marel Studio Kevin Feige whose name is also displayed on the poster. The fegie plays the character as Chinnos which is a parody character from Thanos. Merge Disney with Fox seems to make the higher-ups join the science of The Simpsons over Badaaas.

3. Airing in the Beginning of March
The episode “Bart the Bad Guy” will air Sunday March 1, 2020. The Russo brothers also uploaded the poster to their respective social media accounts and promoted it. This series will be very much awaited by fans of The Simpsons looking exciting and storyline that is difficult to guess of course.

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