Turn me Yellow : The Origins of Eggs and gifts that are suitable for Easter 2020

Turn me Yellow : The Origins of Eggs and gifts that are suitable for Easter 2020


Turn me Yellow : The Origins of Eggs and gifts that are suitable for Easter 2020
Turn me Yellow : The Origins of Eggs and gifts that are suitable for Easter 2020

The Passover feast which is celebrated by all Christians is identical to the symbol of eggs and rabbits, what is the meaning behind the symbol of eggs and rabbits which is identical to this Easter feast?
It turns out that the origins behind the eggs and rabbits began in the second century Christianity began to spread. Because in the second century the invaders of Christianity came to the Teutonic tribe, Northern Rome. Their purpose is none other than to spread Christianity. These disseminators use the customs of the local people so that the new religion is easy and can be accepted by the surrounding community.
One of them is transforming their Easter festival with teachings to Christianity. A continuation that the time for the festival to be held will be the Passover Day, which is the day of the resurrection of Christ. As well as the Roman nation has a saying that says “all life comes from eggs,” this is adapted by many cultures. Because according to many cultures, eggs are considered as a symbol of birth and resurrection.
Meanwhile, the Egyptians and ancient Persians had a tradition of decorating eggs and then exchanged with friends. The Egyptians buried their eggs in their graves while the Greeks laid eggs on their graves. This caused when the day of the birth of Christ in the church the church began to be popular with the symbol of the egg, or often also called an Easter egg.
With a new culture of exchanging decorated easter eggs, then the culture overlapped. In addition to exchanging eggs along with developing not only eggs but interesting gifts to be shared. What are the suitable gifts to be distributed on Easter day?

1. Pouch
Pouch or small bag that can be carried everywhere without wasting space. This gift is very suitable for Easter, especially for cousins. Because Puch is very useful because it is to hold gifts of sweets or small toys from neighbors and relatives.

2. Chocolate Candy
The next prize is almost all chocolate candy with chocolate candy. To find something unique and different, you can make chocolate and then print with cute prints. With so you can serve chocolate to your relatives when you come home to visit.

3. Illustration
The next gift that you can give your loved one to your loved one is that you can give an illustration. What illustrations are trending in 2020. There is an illustration with the simpsonize model. The simpsonize model is an illustration of a cartoon series from The Simpsons. Who does not know The Simpsons that has to do with the time traveler because the forecast is right. Who does not like to get an illustration gift from someone he likes. For those of you who are interested in simpsons illustration and want to order it, you can visit the yellowsimpsonize.com website. For those of you who want to see the results of yellowsimpsonize, you can visit instagram @yellowsimspnize there, for example, to be from the The Simpsons model.

4. Frame
The next prize is the frame. Perfectly matched frames when you give an illustration and then protected by glass frames that make the sekamin attractive and neat of course. And frames can also make illustrations that you order can be placed anywhere.
Here are gifts you can give when Easter is 2020. Hopefully this article will help you find Easter gifts and add insight to Easter knowledge.