Turned Yellow : How to get to know an unusual way

Turned Yellow : How to get to know an unusual way

Turned Yellow : How to get to know an unusual way
Turned Yellow : How to get to know an unusual way

Have you ever experienced a condition where you accidentally found the person who made the tug? surely you have met in public transportation in the office or in other public places. Not a few of us chose only at that time and there were no other efforts to get acquainted more closely, letting the opportunity just disappear.
To build closeness, of course we need a beginning called introduction. Dare to get acquainted, it means adding new relationships and opportunities to get to know the character of people more closely. There are several simple ways to make your introduction smoother in an acquaintance session.

1. As a Prefix, you must be confident. Prove that you are a kind and friendly person.
If you are sure that the person who is suitable for you to know and want to take you more seriously from this introduction. Before you advance ahead you gather your will and courage. You want to get to know you, but you don’t dare to be the same.

2. But don’t be too confident.
All of you need to stage guys, you don’t really believe in yourself because it makes the opposite sex or people you know acquaintance lose their respect for you. Because you are seen too strange in the eyes of the him. Do not want to lose this opportunity, you are here trying to throw a greeting introductory like Hi! Or hello! this will definitely be the most difficult stage. But you can immediately do it either just sorry to sit on the side or greetings in each religion.

3. Not lip service, but you must start a light sale but still contains.
What should be done next? After the opening greeting earlier, try asking or saying simple things, “It looks like it’s really hot today,” Make sure that day is really good. Don’t ask something heavy like “Yesterday you chose whose preside” it must be a very heavy question guys hehehe.

4. Get to know the doi deeper.
When you have discussed the light things you have started to get closer with your spouse, you can be a little funny when the conversation between you and him is more fluid. When the conversation is liquid you can ask him more deeply like knowing the name, house and even what his busy schedule. But it was gradually not easy to beat the tempo once hehe. Because he will definitely limit it.

5. Invite to meet.
For the next meeting you can invite the newbie to come out or not you try to pick him up. In the second meeting, intentionally or not, you can ask to meet further. Either invite to coffee shop or pick him up when he comes home from work. And that’s if he doesn’t mind. It could be you invite after the hobby can take to the bookstore or to the cinema to see the new flim.

6. Give interesting things.
The next stage you can give an object that he likes or needs, you can give a gift. By giving a gift you have a deeper sense of attention and closeness. The gifts you give begin to vary, you can give items that are needed by him, or display displays such as dolls or paintings. You can give a painting that shows the face of your father. You ordered a face to be depicted, there is a model that is currently a trend model simpsonize. The simpsonize model, the simpsonize model, depicts photos as if they resemble the characters in The Simpsons, starting from the face or backgorun of cartoons. For more details, you can visit yellowsimpsonize.com website or email at order@yellowsimpsonize.com

It is the stages that you have to go through, have a good try and good luck for further and more serious stages, of course. Hopefully that will be the best for you.

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