Turned Yellow : The Right Thing To Celebrate Anniversary

Turned Yellow : The Right Thing To Celebrate Anniversary

Today’s dating is very different from our parents’ era. Starting from how to convey feelings and communication media that was very limited at that time. With the ease of technology we are greatly helped in establishing relationships, now to make the relationship even closer usually every year there is a relationship or anniversary statement. Because as a form of success in a relationship in the last one and before.

  1. Invite Your Boyfriend in the First Place to Meet

For the first way to invite your partner you first meet. While remembering memories together at that time, you can remember what clothes he used to eat, what to eat, and with whom. With you talking in that place there are many happy memories because in that place you feel falling in love. Not feel the time will pass and laugh together to discuss the activities of the first activity. Discuss how brave you guys at that time did not dare to invite acquaintances and try to find social media from asking questions to your closest friends, and asking about your likes and habits.

  1. Invite your boyfriend to exchange gifts.

Now for this option to be the next alternative, because here not only you who give gifts. So you can agree to buy gifts that can’t be expensive from the specified price. Let me give a gift in accordance with the ability of friends and not burden each other. Now for the contents of the gift so it is more exciting if you give the theme of what was agreed upon gift.

  1. Make a Stop Motion.

What is the meaning of anniversary for today’s children if it can not be shared via social networks ?, For you want to celebrate the umpteenth anniversary for your partner, you can make a Stop Motion composed of photos that you have with your partner from year to year. It must be seen a change of physical and dress style. In addition you reminisce with your partner that you and he have made a long and difficult journey. But you can still survive and love each other.

  1. Shopping and Cooking.

Unlike other couples, you can use this idea. Start shopping at the market and choose the ingredients you want to cook. Surely the time here is a lot of communication involvement want to make what and how to overcome the difference in communication between you and your father. After shopping you cook it together, you can judge whether he’s painstaking, dirty or good at cooking. Not just romantic, this activity makes the anniversary will be remembered and hard to forget.

  1. Plan a vacation together.

Plan a short vacation with your partner. You can go to tourist destinations in your city, or travel destinations that you desire and want to spend alone. Vacation together and make sweet and beautiful stories of course, this makes your anniversary more beautiful and unforgettable.

  1. Caricature Gifts.

Make a caricature that contains both of your faces. And don’t forget to protect caricatures with frames. Talking about caricature, there is a caricature model which is more trendy. The caricature model is Simpsonize, Simpsonize is a caricature that changes the face to become as if it is a character in the cartoon The Simpsons. For those of you who have not been able to make caricatures do not need to worry because on the website yellowsimpsosnize.com provides caricature reference with the simpsonize model. This gift is very suitable and different from the others because your face and the game will be described as if in the series The Simpsons. For more information, you can visit the website yellowsimpsonize.com or email order@yellowsimpsonize.com


It is an alternative when you are celebrating anniversary with your partner, whatever gifts and things you do will certainly always be memorable and memorable. My advice is do it as long as it is safe and not burdensome to you. Happy anniversary.

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