Yellow People Cartoon : 12 Farewell Gifts for Your Friends who Change Work

Yellow People Cartoon : 12 Farewell Gifts for Your Friends who Change Work


Luckily for you who work in a high-kin family environment. Where the relationship of each personnel is very close like his own family because we often meet and communicate with him because of work and personal matters that make us close to his own coworkers.
But there is an annoying moment when your workmates who are used to being with you in joy and sorrow will move to their work placement or resign from your workplace. Now for your thanks to him, before he really moved you can give him a little keepsake for him as your closest person.



1. Present a agenda book
This agenda book is not only used to record daily activities. But it also has content that is as uniform as a page for recording expenses in functional detail, right? Besides, when he records, remember that you have worked as a colleague.

2. Softcase
The next gift you can give is a softcase cellphone, before you buy it, make sure what your cellphone is. So when you buy it is not the wrong target, hehe. You can give it a softcase in accordance with the motive that he likes. So when you give it away, she will like it because the item you gave is useful and can protect her cellphone.

3. Give a reading book
Choose books that he likes and books that he doesn’t have. That way when you give it it will make it happy to get it. So when you give him a book, it will make your coworker’s lang time more colorful. In addition, your friend will mengignat the book obtained from a coworker first.

4. Painting your friend
Now for the next gift you can make a painting with your friend’s favorite activities, for example your friend likes to sing, play ball, or also like to travel. With you giving him paintings so he always remembers you when the paintings are placed in a place he likes. But there are still many who are confused about what paintings are suitable? Maybe you can use the simpsonize model, the simponize model makes your painting look like the character of The Simpsons without losing its identity. If you are interested please visit the website, or order via email and you can visit isntagram @yellowsimpsonize to see the results of the painting.

5. A picture of you two
Try to collect photos of you two while you are still working together or photos when you gather after work hours like eating together, having karaoke together, or playing games at the mall. Then rank the photos in the frame that you have provided.

6. Drinking place
The next gift that you can give to your coworkers is drinking water. Sealin helps him to be more diligent in drinking water, giving him a drink bottle also supports your pengiritan program. So no more snacks and drinks that are brought more hygienic than drinks purchased outside.

7. Briefcases
The next gift that you can give to your friends who resign to work is a briefcase, so the bag you give is more useful and is often used when your friend works in a new place. And bags are mandatory when we work, because as a tool to carry luggage when we work.

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