Yellow People Cartoon : 5 Love Languages ​​You Need to Know

Yellow People Cartoon : 5 Love Languages ​​You Need to Know

Yellow People Cartoon : 5 Love Languages ​​You Need to Know
Yellow People Cartoon : 5 Love Languages ​​You Need to Know

Language of Love, people who establish love do not necessarily know you by discussing love. Still don’t believe it? many people still say I have done anything for him, but how come he looks mediocre and doesn’t even like it. I wonder why?. There are still many who feel that. That means you don’t know about all the languages ​​of love.
There is a theory of love consisting of 5 languages ​​of love according to Dr. Gary Chapman with his theory that 5 topics of love can help you evaluate your relationship. According to Dr. Gary discuss love is classified into five languages ​​of love is the way people express their feelings of love for others, and if the method is done by a partner will make him feel loved. Below will be explained briefly about the 5 languages ​​of love.
Before you apply it first, you recognize yourself, because everyone has their own love language and is different from each other. There are several topics of love and humans have 5 topics of love, but only some are right for each individual.

1. Word of Affrmation
First love language has words of praise, yup words of praise are constructive sentences. For you, the main language of love is Word of Affirmation, you will be very happy and feel most loved if your partner compliments you like “You are beautiful today”, “Your cooking is delicious love” “No need to rush I will wait for you”. Your days will be very warm if it starts with greetings and encouraging words from your environment.

2. Quality Time
Furthermore, there is quality time. This may be simple. Yups, this is just us out with our spouse to just enjoy time together whether it’s a hobby or just let go. Many things can be done with a partner when there is time together, ranging from singing together, vacation either eating or just enjoying the scenery around the area has made you closer to your partner.

3. Receiving Gift
You are a lover of gifts. Any gift – big or small, cheap or expensive. When someone gives you a gift, the pleasure that comes first is not a present. Speaking of gifts, you can order the right gift for your partner. The illustration gift is the right gift, for your partner because it can describe the two of you with other versions. An illustration model that is trending is the simpsonize model that portrays the characters from the series The Simpsons. So your face with a partner changes to the character in The Simpsons. For those of you who are curious can visit the website or can order via email or instagram @yellowsimpsonize

4. Acts of Service
This type of person is a person who shows affection with little attention like carrying a briefcase, massaging a tired pair, or opening the door when entering the mall. These things are indeed simple but they are the ones who love their partners attentively. This figure is a spur for a more advanced father.

5. Physical Touch
Physical touch in this case is not always about sex yes guys, physical touch includes holding hands, kisses, and warm hugs. The easiest example to determine if you speak in love the physical touch category is when you are entertaining. When your friend is sad what you are doing, if you automatically hug him, touch him and pat him on the back then one of the languages ​​of love is phsycal touch

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