Yellow People Cartoon : A Portrait of Technology in the 90s

Yellow People Cartoon : A Portrait of Technology in the 90s

Yellow People Cartoon : A Portrait of Technology in the 90s
Yellow People Cartoon : A Portrait of Technology in the 90s

Technology is here to give ease to humans. As time goes by, technology is getting easier and more sophisticated. One of them is technology in communication and information midwives. Not only as a supporter of human life but is useful as entertainment when it seems tired. Like the games and cartoon series.

Technology in the past is very different from current technology. For people who understand technology must feel that, because at that time was very limited. Like the 1990s children who feel the difference.

  1. Copying a very long file.

The era of the 90s to copy files for so long was not like now copying files that can be through the cloud. Old times to copy files must use a diskette or use a CD. Hala has its own memories, especially for those who use diskettes.

  1. CD collection

Children of the 90s will definitely feel this, because when he wants to see his favorite flim or listen to their favorite mp3 songs they will definitely save them. And some people have places that are uniquely shaped to store CDs containing their favorite songs and movies.

  1. Computer error.

This is a fact in most 90 children, who feel the name is computer error. When the computer error a lot of notifications appear and when they close they come out again. Until we get annoyed at seeing it.

  1. Play the Game.

In the 90s many games that have developed, but only limited to 2D even though the game is only limited to 2D but has the impression of marrying many people and waiting in line behind us. The legendary game from Windows has a pinball game, Almost all 90 children have played and sometimes even forget when we play it.

  1. Wordart Design

Wow, if we enter Misrosoft Office, it seems like a reliable designer who can replace 3D writing, 3D in the past was very wow because it was still lack of technology literacy at that time.

  1. Full text

For you definitely feel the name of internal limitations on your mobile. Haha if you definitely wouldn’t feel it because the sms contains the operator hehe. During that time too many people were pranking to make cell phone errors by sending lots of text messages.

  1. Cartoons

90s cartoons must have been legendary, starting with Popeye, Tom and Jerry, or The Simpsons. Almost cartoons in the 90s had very high meanings. Starting from discussions that criticize the government and officials, or discuss about everyday events that exist in the surrounding environment. The simpson is very thick with it starting from discussing culture and culture when it was in the 90s. For you who miss the character in the cartoon series The Simpsons series, you can order your face to be made with the simpsonize model. The simpsonize model itself is drawing a person resembling the character character in The Simpsons but does not eliminate the real face identity of the person described.

That’s part of the portrait of life in the era of the 90s, for those of you who have experienced that era there must be a sense of longing and gratitude with the development of technology that is very helpful in the current era. Hopefully this article helps reminisce with memories first.

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