Yellow People Cartoon : Design Your Office To Be More Productive and Not Easily Bored

Yellow People Cartoon : Design Your Office To Be More Productive and Not Easily Bored

Office as a place for some people to seek fortune and devote their time, energy, and ideas in order to build the company towards the direction of progress and development. With many demands and pressures from work. All elements in the office, starting from the funiture and office alignment must be adjusted to the color, layout, air circulation and lighting in the office building system so that the office is more comfortable to live in and comfortable when working. With an attractive design and make it convenient for employees to be more effective and more productive in working, which will certainly add to the company’s turnover.

1. Creative Office Design
Carrying the concept of warehouse for the office area as a symbol of the full ideas in the warehouse of creative human thought. The spaces are conditioned like containers which are supposed to carry barag but this is as an office space or room accents. Rest area is also made as comfortable as possible with the support of bean bags. The ceiling of the trellis is deliberately lowered and the yellow bulb lights warm up. That for the office itself is made as comfortable as possible while for the rest room itself is made more green and more air circulation to be more relaxed and can emphasize creativity when resting.

2. Design feels at home
Now for the next design there is an office design such as a home. With a design like home comfort in work does not feel pressured because of a comfortable workplace like home. And the work area is designed formal but not boring but can make you feel at home for long working in the office.

3. Modern and Beautiful Office Design
The next design is a modern design but does not eliminate the shade and cool air. Now an office like this can be more open and has a lot of air circulation. As well as offices like this, there is usually no such thing as air conditioning because the leadership of the company itself supports the movement of the greenhouse effect that reduces consumption of global warming. Models like this are work tables and their models are modern and modern but have a green office environment. So people who work here are far from saturated because they are close to nature.

4. Design With Cartoon Characters
Furthermore, there is a suitable design for the office is to add some cartoon characters in the workspace such as cartoon SpongeBob, Narutio which symbolizes the spirit of work and is not easy to give up when dealing with problems. Or you can add characters like The simspon that describe maturity and human beings who can’t be completely perfect. Well for those of you who want to design their office with The Simpsons character, you can paint a picture of you and your colleagues decorating your office space. So comfortable and happy working will arise in the office. For those of you who are interested and have a desire to make it, you can visit the website or you can visit isntagram for example at @yellowsimpsonize
The price offered is very cheap, because the fees start at just $ 5. There are even attractive promos such as by 1 get 1.

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