Yellow People Cartoon : Support people when sick

Yellow People Cartoon : Support people when sick

Yellow People Cartoon : Support people when sick
Yellow People Cartoon : Support people when sick

Accepting those closest to you who are sick is not easy. It could be brother, sister, or those closest to us including our friends and friends. Especially if the pain they suffer is not an ordinary illness that heals for one to two days, they must even be treated in hospital. With his condition like that they need us beside him either to just accompany or entertain. Because with you besides them they add motivation to get better soon and want to get together again. Supporting them is not difficult. We can do several things to support our friends who are sick.

1. Say something
Knowing the person closest to staying overnight is quite serious love enough to make us begin to be possessed by negative thoughts. Then we try to reject such thoughts. Because we have to channel positive energy because with our arrival with positive air, it will definitely make our friends or relatives who are sick will feel the aura and encourage the feeling of wanting to recover as soon as possible.
When you feel confused what words should be said to your friend, try to ask questions and listen to the situation experienced by him. Sentences like “I really don’t know what to do, but I really care about you getting well, friend, believe me I always do my best to help you” feeling close and caring is felt here.

2. Don’t let them ask something from us
“Let me know if you need anything” is a good sentence because basically they don’t want to be sick and bother you who are healthy. And they also feel uncomfortable with these words, we are healthy if you want to help, try to be more sensitive to the situation without waiting for him to ask.

3. Do not compare the level of pain they experience
Don’t come to visit and compare your illness with your friend’s illness. Because a person’s body can be different in responding to an illness, it is enough for you to come to see support and you can help with what drugs he should take, and any restrictions when he is sick. That way you have helped without the need to compare.

4. Not feeling sorry for his condition
Some people change their readiness when visiting people who are sick, even though those who are sick also want to be needed as other healthy people.
For example watching t, invited to a walk, or chatting with a hot topic or the topic of funny events in the past. For them, having a friend who can make him forget for a moment the pain of spending time together is a priceless gift.

5. Bring a gift
Bring gifts or gifts for him, certainly not their desire to be given gifts but in order to distract the pain by giving gifts that they usually like such as favorite foods, or favorite objects he can accompany when they are being treated. In addition, you can give an illustration of your brother’s photo when he was healthy, now for his own illustration model, you can choose the simpsonize model. The simpsonize model is an illustration shaped like The Simpsons, which has a yellow 4-fingered face and a unique and funny shape, of course. With the gift that you gave your relatives or friends you will definitely want to get well soon and want to live life as usual.

When the closest person is fighting with his illness, always remind them to continue to persevere in prayer. So it is with us. Always tuck the name in every prayer. We believe that God’s hand is a miraculous physician. Believe that when there is faith, all impossibilities will be broken in His name.

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