Yellow People Cartoon : The most beautiful ex

Yellow People Cartoon : The most beautiful ex

A former lover, someone who used to accompany when happy or sad, a gift to remember manta, is it necessary?
A memento gift for your ex, thanks or an attempt at feedback? For how the ex has ever filled your heart when you are sad or happy even though you finally split up, but behind it the ex has fond memories with him. However, even though it is forbidden for the former, we should not be hostile to it, still having a relationship even though it’s only a friend. Then what will you give to your ex. Let’s take the article below and can help you to improve your relationship with the ex.

1. Wristwatch

Accessories like clips, ribbons, or bandanas can be the right gift for your ex-girl. Your girls. Girls will certainly be very happy to receive gifts that can make them look more beautiful. If your ex is a guy, a watch can be the right choice. This men’s watch from Casio for example. Equipped with alarm and 5 bar water resist.

2. Dolls
The next gift that you can give to the ex is a doll, almost all women like dolls, give dolls in accordance with the cartoons that he suakia. A size that can be hugged. In order to accompany the night. Share with your apologies and give sweet sayings and prayers for the best for him.

3. Concert tapes or tickets
The next prize you can give is a cassette or concert ticket for the ex idol band, of course you know very well the ex’s favorite because after leaving, he often sings songs from which band. That way you can find an original CD from the ex’s favorite band or you can find the band info that he likes to hold concerts at. If the concert is in your area, this is for you to give concert tickets to come at the band’s concert party.

4. Sleep light
Another gift you can give is that you can give a light sleep. By giving him a light sleep, with that night he does not need to be afraid because there is a sleep lamp that accompanies the night. Buy a light sleeper that has music for lullaby prefer your ex of course. You can even remember the times when you were together so you could easily invite him back.

5. Illustration
The next gift you can give is an illustration of the face of the ex, you must have photos of the ex, right? that way you don’t need to ask him to send photos. You can make an illustration of his face armed with a photo of the ex. You can make an illustration with a trendy model. The trend that is currently viral is the simpsonize illustration. This illustration depicts someone drawn similar to a cartoon in The Simpsons without losing his identity. You can see examples on the website or you can see the catalog on instagram @yellowsimpsonize or you can see gigs at

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