Yellow People Cartoon : The Playback Legend Cartoons Still Present Until Now

Yellow People Cartoon : The Playback Legend Cartoons Still Present Until Now


Yellow People Cartoon : The Playback Legend Cartoons Still Present Until Now
Yellow People Cartoon : The Playback Legend Cartoons Still Present Until Now

Who doesn’t like cartoons? Ranging from teenage children to adults like cartoon flim. With a charged market that attacks all circles and ages, cartoons are made not only as entertainment but as a medium for learning for children and as a medium for parents to be close to their children’s growth.
Many things can be taken from the cartoon flim. Starting from the courage to do good, defend crime, and the actions we do in our environment. So many moral messages get from the cartoon flim of time. What are some of the legendary cartoon films to date and still remember the audience

1. Popeye The Sailor Man
Who does not know about this cartoon sososk? yups popeye the sailor who likes to eat spinach. Many of you must eat spinach to look strong like Popeye. Popeye is indicative of being a hero by fighting a mortal enemy named Brutus. In addition to being a strong figure, Popeye is also a loving person for her beautiful lover who is olive.

2. Tom and Jerry
Saiapa who is not familiar with the Tom and Jerry cartoon series, almost all ages know and understand the figure of cats and rats who are always fighting. Even though they fight everyday there is a fragment of the story that has meaning in our lives, that we as humans are easier to help each other, not hurt or hate each other
Hehehe who’s a teenager but there are still many who fight with friends or neighbors, yuks end later you thought you were the real version of Tom and Jerry.

3. Scooby-doo & Friends
The next cartoon is a scooby doo cartoon series that presents a smart dog in the middle of a truth-seeking group or ghost-seeker group. Although this group can be called ghost seekers but there are two characters who are always remembered by us for fear of ghosts. Yups of these characters are Scoobydoo and Shagy. This cartoon series is really awaited by the audience because of its funny story and the process of solving mysterious cases.

4. Dragon ball Z
This cartoon is no less fun, this cartoon tells of Goku as a powerful warrior looking for 7 balls to summon a sherlong dragon to make world peace. But Goku’s journey is not easy because during the trip there are so many obstacles and many powerful enemies that will be overcome by Goku.

5. Inuyasha
A half-stealth who seeks a four-ball spirit so that he becomes a complete demon. In addition to stealth Inuyasha is a great swordsman among stealth.

6. One piece
One Piece is a sea Bajaka cartoon series looking for treasure called One Piece. This cartoon teaches many things from respecting a leader, a strong mutual cooperation spirit, and being willing to sacrifice. The one piece cartoon series is the longest cartoon series ever, even to this day this cartoon has not been completed until now and is still awaiting the latest series for the audience.

7. Simpson
Simpson is a cartoon series often associated with time travelers, because many of the series occur in the real world starting from the election of American presidents and others. In addition to his predictions, the Simpson series is very entertaining for the audience as well as depicting lives that have a real life. So many connoisseurs are waiting for the latest series from Simpson. many of the fans portrayed his face to be similar to the simspon character without having to lose his identity. Yups model is often called the simpsonize model. For those of you who are fans of simspon and want your face to be portrayed in simpsonize models and backgrounds in the simpson series, you can order via the website or you can order via email

Congratulations for those of you who can still enjoy nice and meaningful cartoons, many happy memories with family for sure.

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