Yellow People Cartoon : The Way LDR Fighters Overcome Miss When They Come.

Yellow People Cartoon : The Way LDR Fighters Overcome Miss When They Come.

Yellow People Cartoon : The Way LDR Fighters Overcome Miss When They Come.
Yellow People Cartoon : The Way LDR Fighters Overcome Miss When They Come.

Missing or miss often come to haunt when we are far from the people we care about especially that person is your lover. It must feel very sad if you remember, your lover is not near us. Then we can feel lonely and feel like crying because of holding pain when we miss.

  1. Get busy with activities.

Keeping yourself busy is the most maintained thing people do to get rid of the feeling of longing while undergoing LDR, but as long as it succeeds in submerging your longing, there is no harm in adding activities. These activities contain positive things such as working harder or courses. Giving the best for your job is profitable career and the way of romance with your partner of course. When you meet you are ready to go more seriously.

  1. Looking for a lot of experience.

You can fill your day by learning new things like dancing, singing, learning to make craft skills, or writing your experiences on a blog. Making a craft is also a small thing that can make your time useful. One time the activity will also be useful when providing material for street children if you become a volunteer.

  1. Get closer to family or close friends.

If you feel lonely when you feel homesick with your lover, you can divert it by going out to play with family or with close friends. Because with that you at least divert your attention and pleasure with the people closest. Even though we are far away you still don’t forget to give us your daily news.

  1. Watch a cute flim or cartoon.

For those of you who miss your partner but still can’t connect because your partner is still working, you can get rid of the missed feeling by switching to your funny flim or your favorite funny cartoon. You might see funny cartoons like The Simpsons, because you don’t feel entertained and reduce your longing. If you like the The Simpsons cartoon series, you can order a photo of you two to be a caricature of The Simpsons, No need to worry about looking for who and where it is because on the website everything is available starting from the backgrun or example examples. Immediately, order if you are interested in caricature drawings with The Simpsons model.

  1. Avoid sad songs.

When you miss your lover and are blocked long distance between you and your spouse. You do not listen to the sad lau sad because your feelings will dissolve even sad you can even think negatively between you and your partner. You better listen to happy songs because it implies that you are aware of something more positive.

  1. Sports.

Sports is one of the best ways you can do when you are feeling miss your partner. In addition you get a healthy body in shape, you also get a beautiful body and tight. Who is not happy to have a show that is increasingly athletic. When you Ldr you keep your body looking good. So when you meet your boyfriend will be more affectionate and of course he is also not lost in maintaining the affairs of the body. Wow, if this can be called a healthy courtship.


All of these are things that can divert your sense of nostalgia for your partner far away. For those of you who are LDR, strengthen your commitment and do not play your heart once. Because there must be a broken heart when you do it hehehe

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